Dec 21, 2007

Christmas is Here!!

I would like to wish all of my Wonderful and Gentle readers a most Merry of Christmases!! I hope your day is full of wonder, and you find plenty of seeds in your stockings and a tree full of gardening joy!


to ALL

and to ALL a GOOD NIGHT!!

Dec 19, 2007

My Little Piece of the Tropics

Okay, so we all know that New England and weather make strange bedfellows. Today there is a nice layer of snow on the ground, covered in a nasty layer of ice. Tonight there is supposed to be a snow/rain mix and then of course Sunday it will be close to 50°F and most all of whatever we have on the ground will surely melt. That will of course be followed by frigid temperatures so we can re-freeze and then back to warm and so on and so get the picture.
So it is nice to have a little chunk of Tropical Paradise in your own home, even if that just means a tiny Spider Plant or a little cactus all is green and reminiscent of those warm Summer breezes that are a lifetime away....or so it seems at this moment.
My little paradise is in my dining room. Now don't get me wrong, that room is tiny, hardly big enough for the table let alone any elaborate plant set-up, but with the help of a few nice window shelves that my Better-Half built, I can keep a few nice pots of the green stuff to get me by until veggie season comes around again.
This is what I found the other day when I was in checking to see who needed a drink.....

And it is not a trick of photographic angles, that lemon really is that tiny.

Well, I am off to have my shot glass full of Lemon-Ade, while I sit on the radiator.
The next best thing to Summer....yeah right.

Dec 16, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

I know how lax I have been on this Blog lately. Truthfully though, there just isn't a whole lot to write about veggie gardening come December. I know that soon enough it will be time for seeds to be sown and a hint of green will lift me to tomato-y raptures. For right now....I am in a state of veggie suspended animation. I just cannot get excited about Grocery store produce,it just doesn't appeal. If you have ever bitten into a warmly juicy, luscious , fragrant and sun ripened tomato right off the vine, then you understand my dilemma when it comes to those lovely enough looking , yet tasteless and mealy store tomatoes that you might fond yourself paying an arm and a leg for. I just say NO.

So for now my gentle readers, my posting will be sporadic as I try to find excitement in my meager array of houseplants.Don't get me wrong, I adore my houseplants.....but.....there is something about a veggie garden that gets me going, and my garden is sound asleep til May. I will try to shake off my drowsy Wintry stupor as plants in my house catch eye, but posting will resume vigor come the February seed-o-rama.

For now here is a picture of the last of the Rio Grande paste tomatoes that I picked green at the end of October, and have been ripening slowly in a bag since....

And now this is what it looks like outside my door, a world away from the warm vegetable garden.
We are having a round of sleet and freezing rain today....oh joy.....

Dec 2, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

Today is the first Sunday in December. My family's traditional day to go and get a tree for our Christmas. What a nice surprise for us this morning that it finally snowed a little. I love the season's first real snow, the town looks so glorious with a powder sugar dusting of snow. Maybe it will turn to rain later on like the weatherman says, but for now we are putting up our tree while a gentle snow falls, and its beginning to feel like Christmas.

Nov 30, 2007

Seeing , purple, pink, yellow....

I cannot believe how much I need a sun ripened, juicy warm , luscious garden tomato. I have gone so many weeks without one now that I feel like I am in the throes of some strange and cruel tomato withdrawal. Of course it really doesn't help matters any looking at all the Tomato Porn out there in the form of online Seed Stores that offer up the most tantalising pictures of summery tomato goodness.Yet here I am on the tail end of Autumn, looking upon the long , cold road of Winter. Not a good garden tomato in sight.

In the meantime, I sit here at my computer, anticipating the varieties I know for sure I will grow this summer. Then while looking at some of the seed sites I find myself fantasizing about how many more seeds I can get my hands on. I am, after all, on the quest for the six best varieties to take up permanent residence in my small but workable vegetable plot. Not to mention, I am also in the market for 3 to 4 Cherry Tomatoes to call the family favorites as well. However, at the rate I am going, collecting seed varieties, it will be a decade of experimenting with new found tomatoes before I will be able to call any six the absolute best, in my humble opinion of course. It really wouldn't be so hard to do this. Except, for every new gardening site or blog I stumble across, there is a new tomato fan touting the ultimate tastiness of a variety I have never heard of...and since from what I have heard there are 10,000 or so Heirloom varieties out there, I may be constantly adding on to my list well into my twilight years without ever picking the final Six.

In all fairness, there are worse things in this world than having to taste tomatoes.I do so enjoy posting here and comparing the varieties that I have gotten ahold of over time. Some of the outcomes of my Taste Testing came as quite a surprise to me, and I cant wait to see what surprises are in store for next Summer. Now all I need to do is get through the coming winter, and I can be back in the saddle tasting and critiquing the best of Summers delicacies!

Is it Spring yet???

Nov 26, 2007

Christmas Cactus....on a Monday??? Again!

I am so happy with the way these bloomed this season. I must admit, I remember this one being pinker than it is, but they say the memory is the first thing to go so what can I tell ya'.

I am a bit disappointed in my new baby cacti, it grew a few buds, but they seem to be stuck in tiny mode. I guess they just didn't get enough cold weather to set them , and get them moving. Oh Well, there is always next season for them.

I feel badly that this is a Veggie site that goes light on flowers, and lately all I have to talk about is flowers, but I promise that soon will come seeding time, and I will be brimming over with vegetable-y stories!! Until then my good friends, I must rely on my seasonal flowers to fill the time until vegetable season starts again.

I may sneak in a shot of my stunted lemon though, just to fill in some gaps.
You never know what you might stumble upon here on any given day ...... :)

Nov 20, 2007

My Pregnant Onion

I received this strange little plant as a gift from an online gardening friend last year. I was sure that I would kill it, as I had not even known they existed, let alone what I should do to get it to grow. Now after months of watching it like a hawk, and praying that the little onion-like bulb would actually set down and grow some roots, I am pleased to show everyone my Beautiful pregnant Onion in its youthful glory.
I cannot wait for her to start putting out her own little Onion Pups, they are pretty cute.

Nov 18, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

As promised, here are the latest pictures of my Christmas Cacti. they are really looking great this year. I am so totally thrilled to be able to share them with you.

Nov 13, 2007

A Stowaway

Yesterday afternoon, someone walked by my house, which of course got the dogs all excited with the thoughts that company might be coming. the next response to the thought of company is for them to go tart at the front window barking their fluffy heads off. This in turn causes my legs to move my body into the vicinity of the front window. This happens almost every day....but yesterday was different for when I arrived at aforementioned window I noticed a strange looking leaf on one of my Geraniums. On closer inspection I found this little caterpillar clinging to it like a life raft.
These geraniums were brought in for the Winter about 3 weeks ago, so I guess he has been amusing himself in my Geraniums for that length of time happy as a bug in a ...well....Geranium.
Now he has a new home in a jar with the leaf he was on and a cling wrap sky with a few holes punched in it. I would have been happier putting him outside where bugs belong, but I feel too guilty about puting him out in the killing cold. So looks like he found a home.

I now am on a quest of knowledge to find out what, if anything he may become someday...oh and for a good name.

Nov 12, 2007

Christmas Cactus....on a Monday???

I am so very sorry for my recent absence. I must admit that I was off having a nice, quiet time enjoying the Autumn of my surrounding area with my husband who at last found time to take a vacation from his work. I will make it up too you somehow I swear.

While I was offline, I did still manage to keep taking Sunday photos of my three debuting Christmas Cacti. I am going to post last weeks pictures today. This just past Sundays pictures next Sunday along with whatever new ones I manage to get on that day, and then a new series the week after so that then we can hopefully be caught up!

So with no further ado....the Cacti Trio

The color is almost there on this beauty above, I think I am starting to recall just what color it actually will be.

This one is so close you can almost see the beautiful cascading blooms...I cant wait to show you how this one turns out.

This little guy here has the best buds of them all. It is surprising how raising this little plant from a discarded piece of foliage has brought it so deeply into my favor. I am so excited , I can barely wait to see the color it turns out to be. I am hoping for a true red.

So as you see, things are changing slowly but surely, and since I have had a sneak preview of next weekend, I can promise you that things are going to get way more exciting then!! See you next weekend when the saga of the Cacti Trio continues to bloom.....

Oct 31, 2007

Oct 30, 2007

Fall Chores

I am feeling pretty proud that the majority of my Fall chores have been accomplished. At least that is I was feeling pretty proud until I found the evidence of my Pups transgressions all over the back yard.Truly it is my fault for leaving that temptingly full lawn and leaf bag sitting somewhere that he could reach and practice his paper shredding skills. Absolutely it is my fault that he got into the main vegetable garden and helped himself to some of the tomato stakes, I understand how much fun they can be to chew upon. Also my fault that the dirt was so nice and fluffy in that 5 square inches that I left uncovered how could he possibly stop from digging in it. So some stuff I need to be more vigilant with next time I decide to get ambitious and weed the garden.

I still get to be proud of the fact that my garlic is now completely planted and just waiting to grow into luscious bulbs. I am also proud that the last of the full sized Eggplant have been harvested to become wonderfully pickled, I haven't uprooted the plant as I have found another egg sized fruit that will hopefully grow at a rapid rate to beat the freeze that will most likely be here in a week or two. There are still the chili peppers waiting for harvest but seeing as they haven't turned that lovely bright orange-red that they are known for doing, I will leave them out until the last possible minute, and maybe even forget the plants until next Spring. So all that being taken into consideration, the rest of the garden is pretty much finished and just waiting for Spring to roll around once more.

Oct 29, 2007

Nestling in for Winter

Outside the gardens are getting settled in for their Winter naps, and inside Marco is pretty content now that all of the houseplants are back in where he can play amongst them.

I just love this picture of my Pup Marco so I had to put it up here!! I know he has nothing technically to do with gardening, but he is always more than eager to accompany me out to the gardens and if we didn't have the vegetable beds fenced in, he would be even more happy to romp through them and sample all the veggie goodness that lies therein!

The days are getting much colder, the smell of hams and bacon and hickory wood burning are in the air. Apples are at their sweetest, and the cider is flowing . Pumpkins are everywhere glowing that fabulous dusky orange.Pies and breads are coming out of the oven at a furious pace now that the temperature has dropped, and they warm the house in a wonderfully aromatic way.Now there isn't much left to do out in the yard beyond picking the last of the eggplant and chili peppers .That and putting the last of the garlic in the ground.

How fast the Summer went by, even with the extended tomato season this year....I know its just an illusion , but still it sure seems like there will be a lifetime before that first tasty young tender Spinach salad of the Spring comes around again , it's hard to wait.... but for now it's time to just enjoy all of the cozy things that autumn and winter bring.

Oct 28, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

The Christmas Cacti are really coming along. I know that at least one of them is going to bloom for Thanksgiving, and the baby of the bunch may not even bloom this season, though I am crossing my fingers that the last few cool nights may have set some buds on that little guy.There is still hope for one to bloom around the yuletide , so I haven't given up hope yet.Then again, if none of them behave it always opens me up to acquiring a new color for what is becoming my collection.

I spent the afternoon, with the help of my two fabulous kids, bringing the whole gaggle of houseplants back in for the Winter as I have heard whisperings that there may be some scattered frost. So if the pictures of my plants are less than stellar the fact that they are no longer being photographed under the canopy of the big blue sky will explain it all. I am sure the shots will improve as the Winter progresses so have no fear!! ;)

Thanks for stopping by and, check back often for updates on the Christmas Cactus Bloomathon !!

Oct 25, 2007

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme....

Okay, technically I didn't grow any Sage this year other than my Pineapple Sage, but I do love that song .....

Today I harvested the majority of my savory herbs. I didn't completely de-nude the plants, as the weather here has been fairly moderate. I am figuring that those wonderful herbs still have a few weeks of growing and providing fresh foliage for my culinary quests , so I am leaving them pretty bushy. In addition, what I harvested , added to what I have left over from last time I cut them back and dried them, along with the Rosemary and Sweet Bay that will come inside, should just about get me thru the Winter.
They do look lovely though.....

Tomorrow they Dry.....

Oct 21, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

I was tempted to put up some more pictures of my Christmas Cacti this weekend, however, they seem to enjoy the publicity a little too much and are getting a tad ahead of themselves. It seems as if at least one of them is going to bloom well before Thanksgiving,I am crossing my fingers and toes that it holds off beyond Halloween. So this week I am bringing back the Pineapple Sage which is covered in the sweetest scarlet blooms.
I think that the Rio Grande Plum tomatoes evident in the picture are extremely telling of the weather we have been experiencing around the area lately. I knew planting the extras in pots was going to turn out to be a good idea!

Next week we will go back to Adventures in Christmas Cacti ....I promise :)

Oct 19, 2007

When Can I Start my Seeds Already?!?!?!

I know that realistically my tomato garden was only put to bed last Sunday, but already I am itching to have the aroma of tomato plants around me. It is going to be hard to try and control myself for the next 3 and a half months while I wait patiently for that magical time of Winter when I can sit down in my ultra small, ultra crowded, Craft/Storage/Plant room and start sowing the seeds of next Summers Vegetable-y goodness. Lately I have been distracting myself by perusing the multitude of seed stores on-line, and the catalogues I have been receiving via mail. I must confess though, Heirloom Tomatoes have become akin to some strange and exotic addiction for me. I already have close to two dozen different varieties all waiting for their days in the sun, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to acquire more. I am like a junky needing a fix.In my little world, the variety that I don't have yet, might be the one that is the most sublime of them all, and I must have it just so I don't miss out on the experience. Strange, huh?!?
Now I am starting to feel bad . I am neglecting the joys of the many other types of vegetables I grow. Eggplants so lovely in their shades of purple,white, green and cream....peppers of every color,size and sweet to heat....cucumbers, oh my lovely crisp , cool cucumbers, so versatile....and not to forget zucchini and garlic, green beans and snow peas....Summer seems so far away now.

At least I have my love of apples to keep me going....but thats for another day.

Oct 16, 2007

Seeds a Poppin'

Over the weekend, I was out and about with my youngest daughter and decided to take the long and scenic way home.While driving by the marshes, out of the corner of my eye I spotted the most wonderful display of seedy goodness . There, on the edge of parking lot that butts up against a wild and brambly area, stood a glorious Milkweed plant in all of its fluffy podded glory!! I was definitely lucky enough to go by on that day as one more and the pods would have completely exploded, spilling their wispy seeds into oblivion. I took only one pod, and now I can't wait until I can clear out an area to scatter the seeds about. If they decide to take, the butterflies are going to have a great time in my backyard next Summer.

Oct 14, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

It is a little early, but my Christmas Cacti are starting to do their thing. They are doing it by leaps and bounds it seems, so much so that I am thinking these may be Thanksgiving Cacti this year( I do amuse me )So I guess for the next few weeks its going to be a Zygocactus-fest around here!!

The guy up above is the one I have had the longest. I bought it about 5-6 years ago at a garden Center that no longer exists. This big beauty was a scrawny mess tucked away in the discount luck, it not only flourished , but the following season a variegated Spider Plant popped up in the pot along with it!! This one is just starting to set some nice buds.

This beauty I have had for a few years. It is catching up in size to my big older buddy, and it has set the ,most buds the quickest this season. I dont think this one is even going to wait for thanksgiving to bloom!!

This is my new little guy. I found a leaf sitting on the plant table at a department store last winter, so I rescued it and hoped for the best with rooting. Well I am so pleased that he is doing so well in his tiny 4 inch home. I cannot wait to see if he will bloom this year, and if it does, what color it will be.

So keep checking back for updates on their progress!! :)

Oct 12, 2007

It's Almost Over

The other shoe has finally dropped as far as the weather is concerned. The hot , humid, summer like days are gone. They have been replaced by more seasonable cool crisp fall days and almost cold nights, and it doesn't look like this is going to reverse itself. After all it is October again.
This means a nearing end of my vegetable garden for this season. I knew it had to happen eventually, but as this veggie season kept dragging on, it seemed that there would be an endless supply of luscious tomatoes of every size and color deep into the pristine crystal clear days of Autumn. Unfortunately I got a good look at the garden yesterday during a break in the much needed rain, and much to my dismay, the tomato plants are looking like death.There is still an enormous amount of tomatoes in every stage of ripening on them, but the plants themselves are closer to death than life. So with a heavy heart I will take two large bowls out with me on Sunday and place the tomatoes with color in one, and the largest of the greenies in the other. Then with a fond farewell, I will pull up the plants that have sustained me so selflessly these past 3 months.

On the brighter side of things, the chili peppers are still as pretty as they were in June. Even nicer my bargain store eggplants don't seem to want to quit, but after the next two fruit are big enough to harvest , they are getting yanked as well.

Its a wonderful consolation though, knowing that it wont be long before we can start seriously contemplating seeds for the 2008 season!!

Oct 10, 2007


Finally....Rain!! Its been weeks without a drop. I was starting to get a bit anxious seeing the reservoir lower than its been in the 15 years that we have lived here.I have cut way back on my watering to the detriment of many of my flowers and veggies, but what can you do.More frightening was the thought that my sister's well might run dry, like some other folks have been facing this season. It is'nt nearly enough rain to make up for the weeks without, but it is a start. Of course they are calling for rain Friday too, that makes me less happy, as I dont relish the thought of sitting in it to watch the High School football game. I should be used to that by now as it seems that 90% of our home games are frigid and raining, but thats a price I am willing to pay to watch the team play well....go team go!!!

Oct 7, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

Well , I couldn't decide on feature plant for the GTS blog. So I am giving myself another week to decide between my newly budding Christmas Cacti, or my soon to be going dormant Amaryllis. I am leaning more toward the Cacti as they are just starting to do their thing for the season, and the Amaryllis aren't going to be doing anything exciting for a few more months yet. I may also throw a few seasonal things into the mix too keep things exciting and to keep you all on your toes :)

So here today is my lovely Pineapple Sage starting to blossom. I never really expected this to be a favorite bloomer of mine, but what do ya' know!! I bought it truthfully because the idea of Pineapple Sage in my fresh Summer herbal iced tea made my mouth happy. Now I am hoping that I can keep this guy going through the winter as the flowers are absolutely stunning. This is almost a shrub in size so I am excited about the impact it will have once it is in full splendor. I will try to get a picture of it on here when it is glorious full bloom, but for now there is just this one beauty and a bunch of buds for me to share with you.

See You All next Sunday, when I will either decide on who will become the next plant participant in our Sunday Bloomathon, or showcase the glorious Pineapple Sage in its full Glory!!

Oct 4, 2007

Whew,What Happened to Autumn?!?

About 2 and a half weeks ago I was wondering where Summer went since we were having such unseasonably cold weather. Now I am asking the same with Autumn.....where did you go crispy nights and cool clear days??? It looks, feels, and smells like August out there, well maybe not really as warm as August, but just as muggy, and I hear that the next few days are just going to get worse. I do love the fact that my tomatoes are doing gang-busters, but I want it to feel like Fall when I go to get my apples. Those apples aren't going to wait forever for me to have the right temperature day, so come on Autumn, strut your stuff already!!!

Oct 3, 2007

Its October ...Think Pink

It's October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every one out there has the chance of being affected by this. Please if you can, donate to the cause, if you cant donate, then remind the Goddesses in your life to check themselves. Better still if they can,get a mammogram...and do this for yourself as well. They may not be flowers, but we grow 'em just the same from bud to blossom....don't forget to tend to your Blooms ladies !!

Click on the Title above to go to the NBCAM website for more information.

Oct 1, 2007

Maybe Fall IS Really Here

Springing up all over my gardens are these lovely Native Connecticut Asters. A sure sign that Summer has ended. Lucky for me I absolutely adore these plants , though some people think of them as weeds,including my husband. A few years back he did me a huge favor by "weeding" my Garden for me.Then he came to me all proud and told me how he had pulled out most of those tall weeds that were plaguing my garden.....Well there wasn't much to do but thank him, and correct him, maybe even laugh a little. I figured he meant well enough ...sigh...and I got lucky and caught him early the next year before any of my Asters got the ax. He remembers now, that even if they look like weeds when they are young, they are most definitely not weeds to me.They are back in full force this year in all of their pastel glory, ushering in Autumn, just as pretty as can be!

Sep 30, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

Bloomfest 2007 is finally here!! The Brugmansia decided that Thursday night was the ideal time to make a grand entrance into the world....lucky for me my husband was out in the yard and smelled the intoxicating aroma. He came in to ask me what might be blooming that would smell so wonderful, and I immediately sprang to my feet....knowing that it was Brug time!! Boy are they beautiful, really worth the wait.

Up close Thursday night!! Glad my neighbors didn't freak out with me lurking in the yard in my pajamas with my camera and all !!

Then on Friday morning after some light rain, more skirted in appearance and definitely fully colored and a much deeper shade of pink...and I think I was still in my pj's.

So now its time for me to figure out what my next Green Thumb Sunday Subject will be. I believe it will probably bounce back and forth between a few different things for the next month or two....... see you next week for the next Green Thumb Sunday saga !!

Sep 28, 2007

Not Ready to Give Up Yet

Somewhere in my head , I got the idea that Summer was over. I don't know , maybe it was the calendar telling me that it was Fall, or maybe it was the bunches of colorful Autumn leaves I have been spying left and right. I am still not sure, but it appears that I am wrong. I went out back this morning bemoaning that fact that I no longer will have as many exciting vegetable filled pictures to post here . I love coming here to share the beauty of a good veggie garden harvest, and even though I also love the changing of the seasons, I also look forward to the crisp apple days ahead.So with a heavy sigh I grabbed my camera this morning and began trudging into the back yard to see if the Native Asters were looking festive enough to be posted here , or if the shambles of my vegetable patch in deconstruction mode were going to have to suffice.

Lo and Behold ,it seems as if my patch of dirt doesn't want to believe the calendar!! It is still gloriously Summer in the back 40....

I cant imagine this kind of harvest will go on for much longer, but it sure was a nice surprise to end up with a bowlful of Summery goodness when I was actually going out to plan what got ripped out of the ground first.

Next week you get to see the pretty festive looking Aster picture I took on my way to the back yard....

Sep 24, 2007

Wild Grapes & Apples

Yippeee I finally got a harvest off of my Apple tree!! We have only had it for 10 years so the 4 apples that we got this year are a huge windfall(note this is written dripping with sarcasm)

We also harvested some apples from a tree near where my husband works as well(those are the red ones in the picture). I hate seeing fruit go to waste , and around here it seems to be the norm for people to plant fruit trees solely as a decoration, and just disregard the actual fruit.

The Grapes that are in the little white bowl in the picture , I found growing along a fence by the woods on the side of the road.Pretty cool , huh? They aren't like store bought grapes at all, but they make some pretty cool jelly...again nothing like store bought.
But it sure is pretty!!
There was a pie from the apples....emphasis on the word was.

Sep 23, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

Due to a cold snap at the beginning of the week, my bloomfest is not quite as far along as I had hoped. The weather was much colder than I expected for this time of the year with nights in the low 40's and days that barely reached into the 60's Fahrenheit. I was truly wishing for full bloom by today, but we aren't there just yet. You can see that they are starting to slowly open and show their tendrils .....oh the anticipation!! So , we are getting there slowly but surely, and I am definitely, really...well mostly sure that they will be opened and fully colored by next Sunday.

So make sure and stay tuned for the exciting saga of the Blooming Brugmansia!!

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Sep 20, 2007

My Little Pumpkin-like Squash

My little pumpkin-like squash is not growing.

I would have taken a picture to update you with, but it seems that this little fellow is doomed to remain a golf ball sized pumpkin.

What is weird is that this is on the same side of the garden as my mini butternut squash. SO this almost leads me to believe that there is something in the soil that is miniaturizing my winter squash. I would have said my crop and I would have said convinces me that there is something in that soil, but about 1 foot away is a zucchini that produced many fine sized vegetables. I did however have 2 zucchini plants that produced smaller than normal fruit, but those were in between 2 plants that produceda crop of average sized I don't know what to think at this point. Mother Nature is playing tricks on me again...

I will let you all know if there is a sudden burst of growing.

Sep 18, 2007

Another Thing to Do With Your Fresh Tomatoes

Now that the days are getting markedly shorter, and the nights much cooler, my tomatoes have gotten slower to ripen. I am not complaining at all. I know that these are the last tomatoes I will get to enjoy until next July rolls around, so I am worshipping every last one of them. Unfortunately though, the hybrids are not all that pretty this time of the season. They are almost done , and the fruits that are still ripening just don't look as tempting as the ones from the weeks ago. So what to do with fresh tomatoes that really need some help ........ Aha !!

So I promised myself that I wouldn't post pictures of my pizzas on this blog, and now I am breaking my promise. I cant help it. This pizza deserves its moment in the spotlight!!

And here is what it looked like in the process of becoming that gorgeous pizza you see above^

^Here it is with just the basic crust with peeled and seeded fresh tomatoes just gently torn and scattered about along with a drizzle of Olive Oil.

^Now here it is with some freshly shredded Pecorino Romano Cheese.

^And finally all Mozzarella-ed up and ready for the oven.

Boy that was a good pizza. Usually I use a pre-made sauce and make a very thin crust then cook it on the pizza bricks that my Father left me, but I think that this is really my favorite way to have pizza. Just fresh and simple.There is something about the tomatoes in little hunks like this, you get some mouth fulls that are mostly cheesy, and some that just burst with fresh summery tomato goodness, now how can you beat that ! I wish there were some left overs...

Sep 17, 2007

Seedy Dillema

I have a thing for seeds. This strange addiction started last year during the tail end of the big summer harvest. This is the time of the harvest season where even though I am still picking the fruits of the current seasons labor, my mind is off and running onto next seasons crop. Right around that time last year I discovered... Gardening Websites...Oh my what a delight to find so many people with so much information and so many varieties of tomatoes, and peppers, and eggplants etc. that I had never heard of.

Now herein lies my dilemma. The more varieties I hear mentioned, the more seeds I feel the need to acquire. Already the list of tomatoes that I want to try is getting completely out of hand, but I keep adding to it. Of course it wouldn't be so bad if I only added the tomatoes that I hear fellow gardeners waxing poetic that would be all right. No my problem comes from looking at the Seed Sites and thru the Seed Catalogues for those aforementioned seeds. That is when the real trouble begins. I just fall victim to all of the beautiful pictures and tasty descriptions, and little by little without me even realising it, many of those tomatoes end up on my "Must Have "list. Plus to make matters even worse, many of those Seed Companies end up Bookmarked and in my favorites for easy access.Whats a gardener to do?!?

Lately...I have been finding the peppers and cucumbers adding them selves to my list....I think its a conspiracy!!!

Oh and if anyone has suggestions for a good pepper to use for CHILIES RELLENOS, let me know so I can add it to my seed list.....

Brrrrrr Where did Summer Go? got cold!!! I couldn't believe how chilly it was this morning . Not cold enough to kill any of my tender plants, but cold enough for me to put on socks and close the window.I think the temperature I saw, through slitted before that first cup of coffee eyes, was °46F....not cold really, but for Mid September. Brrrrrrrr.....

Sep 16, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

My little bud is turning into quite the charmer! One bud has turned into three buds and boy they are no longer little. With any luck we should have a picture of them beginning to open and show their pretty faces come next Green Thumb Sunday.I am so excited to see my very first Brugmansia flower up close and personal ....oh the anticipation.
Make sure and check back next Sunday for more Brugmansia blooming Excitement!!

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Sep 14, 2007

The Eggplant Saga Continues

This morning I went out back to see what , if anything due to the cooling temperatures, there might be to harvest. I found a few paste tomatoes, and a handful of green Beans, ands also one lonely Boule de Turquie Chili. I sauntered over to the newer garden, and was pleased to find 8-9 golden raspberries ready to come inside, and many more lining up to ripen.

I stroll back to the main veggie garden and decide to open the gate and take a closer peak inside. Since I am still amazed that, after the initial harvesting of maybe 7 or 8 eggplants off of my "Managers Special 4 for .99 cents", there was a new eggplant . I figured it was getting too cold, but I was so obviously wrong.

At anyrate, I digress......So after opening the gate and stepping in for a closer inspection. What do my wondering eyes spy, 3 more egg sized Eggplant . What is really amazing , every honey bee and bumble bee in town is trying to pollinate my eggplant blossoms. I am figuring that by this time next week, I will have parmigian-ed up the original late season fruit, and made plans for the newer three....and possinbly because of all of the bee action going on , spied maybe a few more baby fruit.

This has been one encouraging vegetable season here ...I hope next season goes as well.

Suprise, Suprise

I try to get out into my garden at least every other day. During the peak of the season say, July thru late August I like to get out twice a day. On my latest trip out into the garden, I figured that I should clear out the old Eggplant plants to make room for the garlic that really , really needs to get in the ground. I tend to think alot about pulling up plants, but since I don't really like pulling up plants, I tend to get very lazy right at those moments when I am near those plants.
Back to the Eggplants....I was just about to start heaving those little suckers right out by their roots, when what do I spy?????

The Eggplant have decided that they are not ready to leave this year. Well,I guess as long as they are still going to bribe me with cute little softball sized black orbs of eggplanty goodness.... then the garlic is just going to have to wait.

Looks like my laziness is paying off all over the garden....

These are some gorgeous Black from Tula tomatoes that I had intended on pulling up back in the later half of August when it had seemed that they were done for the year....fooled me , huh?!?