Aug 30, 2007

Summer is Over....for me

I know that the calendar shows a few more weeks of summer left, but the garden is slowing down , the days are shortening, and more telling.... the kids went back to school this morning. Man this summer went by quicker than I could blink.Come to think of it, we haven't even had a S'More yet this Summer, where did all the days go??I was trying my darnedest to keep this the slowest moving summer ever...even though I couldn't wait to have my first sun ripened tomato.

My son is a Senior in High School this year, and my daughter is in her last year of Junior High, and I know how soon it will be that I have no more Summer vacations left at all. Sheesh time just flies....

While most Moms are jumping for joy when that first day of school arrives, I am moping around. I love having my kids home with me. I love having them in the garden with me, helping to plant , helping to harvest. I know that most days they see this as an extra chore, but I know from experience that they will remember these days fondly when they are gardening with their own kids some day.

Well I guess I can look at it like this...only a few more months til Winter and snow...can't beat that!!

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