Aug 24, 2007

Tomatoes on Parade 2007

Like I have mentioned before, this is my first season growing heirlooms of any kind. I am totally hooked on heirloom tomatoes now and plan to try as many as I can before deciding who gets a permanent spot in my small garden. After all, I only have room for 20-24 tomato plants and I want to grow ones that I love there.
So these are the varieties that shared that space this season.In order of excellence.....

German Red Strawberry- A medium sized pinkish red beauty. this was from seed that someone added to a trade because they didn't want them. I was pretty careless with them because I figured that if I was going to do heirlooms then I wanted fancy colors and varieties , Red Strawberry just sounded blah to me. Oh Man was I ever wrong, I only had two plants survive my hardening debacle, and I didn't take care of one of those and I am definitely kicking myself. So far, during this quest for the best , this is my absolute favorite!! The flavor is so totally tomato, sweet and tangy , meaty beyond my dreams, so far a definite keeper in my garden of champions.

Green Zebra- These were the first ever seeds I ever got in a trade, and I am so glad that I did. I grew these smallish green tomatoes as a novelty thing. I was actually surprised at how good they really are, not only are the stunning to look at with their amber stripping on lime green, but they taste fabulous too. They are at first very tart and zingy, but as you chew the sweetness comes popping out. A really fun out of the garden or in a salad tomato.

Black From Tula- I had really high hopes for these guys. I was at first a little disappointed that they were more of a dark red with dusky green shoulders than actually black, but once the regular reds came in I could definitely see the big difference between the two, plus as the season progressed the Tulas became a deeper garnet color. Now for me they weren't as fantastic as I had hoped when just eaten as is, although on a sandwich they became almost stellar. I don't know if this will be THE black for my garden as I have a few more to try over the next few seasons, but it will always be dear to me as the first exotic tomato I ever had.

Sasha's Altais Pride- I thought this was to be an early variety, but it wasn't. I was not thrilled by this one, it is definitely better than the tasteless stuff you get at the grocers, but no where near as luscious as the German Red Strawberry.

Golden Girl- This one was one of the transplant varieties I bough to take the place of the golden heirloom seedlings I murdered. I am pretty sure this is a hybrid, but I could be wrong. At any rate, this is a pretty tasty variety for a golden tomato. I didn't have high hopes for it, but i was nicely surprised by how meaty and flavorful it is. Too bad it isn't an heirloom....well I don't think it is at any rate .

Celebrity- Another hybrid that I used for filler...funny thing is I used to love this variety, but stacked up against the heirlooms, even the heirlooms that I wasn't thrilled with still seemed lifeless.

Brown Berry Cherry- Another one I absolutely adored. So sweet and yet no other cherry I have had.They didn't put up too many fruits but the ones they did were worth it. I wasn't able to save seeds successfully from this one, but I will definitely be buying these seeds in the future .I will make room for them even though they are a light producer.

Beam's Yellow Pear Cherry- Not one of my favorites as it wasn't sweet but more citrusy and tangy. But my daughter loved it so I will give it another try and report on it then. What I can say id I got very few fruits on this one but I was able to save some true seeds from it so I will let you all know next season what I really think.

I am also growing a rescued Great White but as I don't have even one fruit on it yet , I am thinking it is a loss for this season. I do want to try white tomatoes , but I don't think this is going to be the season.

As sad as this is going to sound...I am already looking forward to next season even though this season has a few good weeks still left in it. I have enough varieties of seeds already in the house to cover the next three or more seasons and I am always looking for more that I don't have.I guess there are worse things I could do .

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