Sep 11, 2007

A 9/11 Moment

I don't know where to begin to express my feelings. I still get queasy whenever I think back on that sunny morning when my sister called me to tell me to turn on the news. She was explaining to me that a plane had hit one of the Trade Center towers and that this was something that had occurred before in the past.We were chatting away, when in horror we watched as a second plane hit, and we both knew in an instant, that this was an act of terrorism and we were chilled. I was in a state of disbelief as the other 2 planes went down, and maybe I am still in shock to this very day. I can never begin to express my sorrow for the people who lost their lives that morning, for the men and women who lost their lives trying in vain to help...for the all of their families who will never be able feel the same as they did in the moments before,when the sky was just sunny and the future was sunny as well.
But today I will take a moment to reflect...and maybe someday I will be able to express more.

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