Sep 14, 2007

The Eggplant Saga Continues

This morning I went out back to see what , if anything due to the cooling temperatures, there might be to harvest. I found a few paste tomatoes, and a handful of green Beans, ands also one lonely Boule de Turquie Chili. I sauntered over to the newer garden, and was pleased to find 8-9 golden raspberries ready to come inside, and many more lining up to ripen.

I stroll back to the main veggie garden and decide to open the gate and take a closer peak inside. Since I am still amazed that, after the initial harvesting of maybe 7 or 8 eggplants off of my "Managers Special 4 for .99 cents", there was a new eggplant . I figured it was getting too cold, but I was so obviously wrong.

At anyrate, I digress......So after opening the gate and stepping in for a closer inspection. What do my wondering eyes spy, 3 more egg sized Eggplant . What is really amazing , every honey bee and bumble bee in town is trying to pollinate my eggplant blossoms. I am figuring that by this time next week, I will have parmigian-ed up the original late season fruit, and made plans for the newer three....and possinbly because of all of the bee action going on , spied maybe a few more baby fruit.

This has been one encouraging vegetable season here ...I hope next season goes as well.

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