Sep 16, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

My little bud is turning into quite the charmer! One bud has turned into three buds and boy they are no longer little. With any luck we should have a picture of them beginning to open and show their pretty faces come next Green Thumb Sunday.I am so excited to see my very first Brugmansia flower up close and personal ....oh the anticipation.
Make sure and check back next Sunday for more Brugmansia blooming Excitement!!

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Mark said...

I'll be back to hav e a mooch

No Rain said...

Since I've never heard of these, I'll make sure to stop by next week and see what unfolds. Literally! Happy GTS...

farmingfriends said...

Brugmansia flowers are so regal looking, I look forward to seeing them bloom.
SAra from farmingfriends

Donna said...

Mark- I like that word 'mooch' Now I need to have a conversation with someone in which I can use it.

No rain- They are also called 'Angels' Trumpets'. I am getting pretty excited, thgis is my first!

farmingfriends- Regal is an absolutely excellent way to describe these.