Sep 6, 2007

Look at My Bloomers!!

Isn't this bloomer a beauty?!?!?
I have to admit, when I repotted my seedling I could have sworn that the label said Purple Datura.I guess it fooled me! I don't mind though, I think that Triple Yellow is mighty fine. The bonus is that since I already had three Triple Yellow blooms on another plant(don't get me wrong, this bloom is the finest), I am going to have enough seeds to cover half the town in Triple Yellow Daturas!!


Anonymous said...

I got to tell you, I am amazed at what goes on in your garden...BTW 2 things. It looks like my lime tree has bit the dust and one of you links to a favorite place doesn't work (This Garden is Illegal) But mine works fine *grin*. You need to BLoG about how you came to get paprika seeds!!!
And I love looking at your 'bloomers' Was the pun intended??? Hey did you ever plant the seeds that I brought back from FL? I just love smuggling seeds for you!

VeggieMyLove said...

Sorry to hear about the Lime....the link to This garden is Illegal works for me, I wonder what is wrong with it ...Hmmmm.
I figure the paprika seeds will be a story in the Winter months when I sow them, I may talk a little about them soon but I just dont 'feel' them yet LOL!!

Oh and glad you like my Bloomers LOL!!!