Sep 10, 2007

Mini Butternuts

I have written before about my "Mystery Squash" , and I may have mentioned that I could identify one as being a Butternut Squash. Well this would make some sense as I usually do include Butternuts in my Fall shopping,but what I don't get is why they grew in the ultra mini form. It's pretty cool though as I will now be serving whole squash as an individual serving. I wish I had gotten more than two, but hey free squash is free squash and I am dancing in the street!
I will be planting these again season after next, and I will be using the same seeds as I did this season. I can't wait to see if I get minis again. I will most likely be saving the seeds form these minis to plant in addition to the original seeds and see if they breed little ones as well. I will definitely be posting an update to this story when the time comes.

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