Sep 17, 2007

Seedy Dillema

I have a thing for seeds. This strange addiction started last year during the tail end of the big summer harvest. This is the time of the harvest season where even though I am still picking the fruits of the current seasons labor, my mind is off and running onto next seasons crop. Right around that time last year I discovered... Gardening Websites...Oh my what a delight to find so many people with so much information and so many varieties of tomatoes, and peppers, and eggplants etc. that I had never heard of.

Now herein lies my dilemma. The more varieties I hear mentioned, the more seeds I feel the need to acquire. Already the list of tomatoes that I want to try is getting completely out of hand, but I keep adding to it. Of course it wouldn't be so bad if I only added the tomatoes that I hear fellow gardeners waxing poetic that would be all right. No my problem comes from looking at the Seed Sites and thru the Seed Catalogues for those aforementioned seeds. That is when the real trouble begins. I just fall victim to all of the beautiful pictures and tasty descriptions, and little by little without me even realising it, many of those tomatoes end up on my "Must Have "list. Plus to make matters even worse, many of those Seed Companies end up Bookmarked and in my favorites for easy access.Whats a gardener to do?!?

Lately...I have been finding the peppers and cucumbers adding them selves to my list....I think its a conspiracy!!!

Oh and if anyone has suggestions for a good pepper to use for CHILIES RELLENOS, let me know so I can add it to my seed list.....

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