Sep 14, 2007

Suprise, Suprise

I try to get out into my garden at least every other day. During the peak of the season say, July thru late August I like to get out twice a day. On my latest trip out into the garden, I figured that I should clear out the old Eggplant plants to make room for the garlic that really , really needs to get in the ground. I tend to think alot about pulling up plants, but since I don't really like pulling up plants, I tend to get very lazy right at those moments when I am near those plants.
Back to the Eggplants....I was just about to start heaving those little suckers right out by their roots, when what do I spy?????

The Eggplant have decided that they are not ready to leave this year. Well,I guess as long as they are still going to bribe me with cute little softball sized black orbs of eggplanty goodness.... then the garlic is just going to have to wait.

Looks like my laziness is paying off all over the garden....

These are some gorgeous Black from Tula tomatoes that I had intended on pulling up back in the later half of August when it had seemed that they were done for the year....fooled me , huh?!?

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