Sep 24, 2007

Wild Grapes & Apples

Yippeee I finally got a harvest off of my Apple tree!! We have only had it for 10 years so the 4 apples that we got this year are a huge windfall(note this is written dripping with sarcasm)

We also harvested some apples from a tree near where my husband works as well(those are the red ones in the picture). I hate seeing fruit go to waste , and around here it seems to be the norm for people to plant fruit trees solely as a decoration, and just disregard the actual fruit.

The Grapes that are in the little white bowl in the picture , I found growing along a fence by the woods on the side of the road.Pretty cool , huh? They aren't like store bought grapes at all, but they make some pretty cool jelly...again nothing like store bought.
But it sure is pretty!!
There was a pie from the apples....emphasis on the word was.

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