Oct 30, 2007

Fall Chores

I am feeling pretty proud that the majority of my Fall chores have been accomplished. At least that is I was feeling pretty proud until I found the evidence of my Pups transgressions all over the back yard.Truly it is my fault for leaving that temptingly full lawn and leaf bag sitting somewhere that he could reach and practice his paper shredding skills. Absolutely it is my fault that he got into the main vegetable garden and helped himself to some of the tomato stakes, I understand how much fun they can be to chew upon. Also my fault that the dirt was so nice and fluffy in that 5 square inches that I left uncovered how could he possibly stop from digging in it. So some stuff I need to be more vigilant with next time I decide to get ambitious and weed the garden.

I still get to be proud of the fact that my garlic is now completely planted and just waiting to grow into luscious bulbs. I am also proud that the last of the full sized Eggplant have been harvested to become wonderfully pickled, I haven't uprooted the plant as I have found another egg sized fruit that will hopefully grow at a rapid rate to beat the freeze that will most likely be here in a week or two. There are still the chili peppers waiting for harvest but seeing as they haven't turned that lovely bright orange-red that they are known for doing, I will leave them out until the last possible minute, and maybe even forget the plants until next Spring. So all that being taken into consideration, the rest of the garden is pretty much finished and just waiting for Spring to roll around once more.

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