Oct 7, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

Well , I couldn't decide on feature plant for the GTS blog. So I am giving myself another week to decide between my newly budding Christmas Cacti, or my soon to be going dormant Amaryllis. I am leaning more toward the Cacti as they are just starting to do their thing for the season, and the Amaryllis aren't going to be doing anything exciting for a few more months yet. I may also throw a few seasonal things into the mix too keep things exciting and to keep you all on your toes :)

So here today is my lovely Pineapple Sage starting to blossom. I never really expected this to be a favorite bloomer of mine, but what do ya' know!! I bought it truthfully because the idea of Pineapple Sage in my fresh Summer herbal iced tea made my mouth happy. Now I am hoping that I can keep this guy going through the winter as the flowers are absolutely stunning. This is almost a shrub in size so I am excited about the impact it will have once it is in full splendor. I will try to get a picture of it on here when it is glorious full bloom, but for now there is just this one beauty and a bunch of buds for me to share with you.

See You All next Sunday, when I will either decide on who will become the next plant participant in our Sunday Bloomathon, or showcase the glorious Pineapple Sage in its full Glory!!

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farmingfriends said...

The pineapple sage sounds interesting. sara from farmingfriends