Oct 12, 2007

It's Almost Over

The other shoe has finally dropped as far as the weather is concerned. The hot , humid, summer like days are gone. They have been replaced by more seasonable cool crisp fall days and almost cold nights, and it doesn't look like this is going to reverse itself. After all it is October again.
This means a nearing end of my vegetable garden for this season. I knew it had to happen eventually, but as this veggie season kept dragging on, it seemed that there would be an endless supply of luscious tomatoes of every size and color deep into the pristine crystal clear days of Autumn. Unfortunately I got a good look at the garden yesterday during a break in the much needed rain, and much to my dismay, the tomato plants are looking like death.There is still an enormous amount of tomatoes in every stage of ripening on them, but the plants themselves are closer to death than life. So with a heavy heart I will take two large bowls out with me on Sunday and place the tomatoes with color in one, and the largest of the greenies in the other. Then with a fond farewell, I will pull up the plants that have sustained me so selflessly these past 3 months.

On the brighter side of things, the chili peppers are still as pretty as they were in June. Even nicer my bargain store eggplants don't seem to want to quit, but after the next two fruit are big enough to harvest , they are getting yanked as well.

Its a wonderful consolation though, knowing that it wont be long before we can start seriously contemplating seeds for the 2008 season!!

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