Oct 1, 2007

Maybe Fall IS Really Here

Springing up all over my gardens are these lovely Native Connecticut Asters. A sure sign that Summer has ended. Lucky for me I absolutely adore these plants , though some people think of them as weeds,including my husband. A few years back he did me a huge favor by "weeding" my Garden for me.Then he came to me all proud and told me how he had pulled out most of those tall weeds that were plaguing my garden.....Well there wasn't much to do but thank him, and correct him, maybe even laugh a little. I figured he meant well enough ...sigh...and I got lucky and caught him early the next year before any of my Asters got the ax. He remembers now, that even if they look like weeds when they are young, they are most definitely not weeds to me.They are back in full force this year in all of their pastel glory, ushering in Autumn, just as pretty as can be!

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