Oct 29, 2007

Nestling in for Winter

Outside the gardens are getting settled in for their Winter naps, and inside Marco is pretty content now that all of the houseplants are back in where he can play amongst them.

I just love this picture of my Pup Marco so I had to put it up here!! I know he has nothing technically to do with gardening, but he is always more than eager to accompany me out to the gardens and if we didn't have the vegetable beds fenced in, he would be even more happy to romp through them and sample all the veggie goodness that lies therein!

The days are getting much colder, the smell of hams and bacon and hickory wood burning are in the air. Apples are at their sweetest, and the cider is flowing . Pumpkins are everywhere glowing that fabulous dusky orange.Pies and breads are coming out of the oven at a furious pace now that the temperature has dropped, and they warm the house in a wonderfully aromatic way.Now there isn't much left to do out in the yard beyond picking the last of the eggplant and chili peppers .That and putting the last of the garlic in the ground.

How fast the Summer went by, even with the extended tomato season this year....I know its just an illusion , but still it sure seems like there will be a lifetime before that first tasty young tender Spinach salad of the Spring comes around again , it's hard to wait.... but for now it's time to just enjoy all of the cozy things that autumn and winter bring.


Curtis said...
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Curtis said...

What A cute Pup indeed!

I am already planning for spring and summer. What can I grow next year.

Sorry I deleted my other comment. I wanted to check the send email if any new comments.

Donna said...

Curtis- No Problem on the deleted comment. PLus I am like you , I have been planning next seasons garden since around August...I even have my seeds stashed away already...

Curtis said...

I understand that.