Oct 19, 2007

When Can I Start my Seeds Already?!?!?!

I know that realistically my tomato garden was only put to bed last Sunday, but already I am itching to have the aroma of tomato plants around me. It is going to be hard to try and control myself for the next 3 and a half months while I wait patiently for that magical time of Winter when I can sit down in my ultra small, ultra crowded, Craft/Storage/Plant room and start sowing the seeds of next Summers Vegetable-y goodness. Lately I have been distracting myself by perusing the multitude of seed stores on-line, and the catalogues I have been receiving via mail. I must confess though, Heirloom Tomatoes have become akin to some strange and exotic addiction for me. I already have close to two dozen different varieties all waiting for their days in the sun, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to acquire more. I am like a junky needing a fix.In my little world, the variety that I don't have yet, might be the one that is the most sublime of them all, and I must have it just so I don't miss out on the experience. Strange, huh?!?
Now I am starting to feel bad . I am neglecting the joys of the many other types of vegetables I grow. Eggplants so lovely in their shades of purple,white, green and cream....peppers of every color,size and sweet to heat....cucumbers, oh my lovely crisp , cool cucumbers, so versatile....and not to forget zucchini and garlic, green beans and snow peas....Summer seems so far away now.

At least I have my love of apples to keep me going....but thats for another day.

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