Nov 30, 2007

Seeing , purple, pink, yellow....

I cannot believe how much I need a sun ripened, juicy warm , luscious garden tomato. I have gone so many weeks without one now that I feel like I am in the throes of some strange and cruel tomato withdrawal. Of course it really doesn't help matters any looking at all the Tomato Porn out there in the form of online Seed Stores that offer up the most tantalising pictures of summery tomato goodness.Yet here I am on the tail end of Autumn, looking upon the long , cold road of Winter. Not a good garden tomato in sight.

In the meantime, I sit here at my computer, anticipating the varieties I know for sure I will grow this summer. Then while looking at some of the seed sites I find myself fantasizing about how many more seeds I can get my hands on. I am, after all, on the quest for the six best varieties to take up permanent residence in my small but workable vegetable plot. Not to mention, I am also in the market for 3 to 4 Cherry Tomatoes to call the family favorites as well. However, at the rate I am going, collecting seed varieties, it will be a decade of experimenting with new found tomatoes before I will be able to call any six the absolute best, in my humble opinion of course. It really wouldn't be so hard to do this. Except, for every new gardening site or blog I stumble across, there is a new tomato fan touting the ultimate tastiness of a variety I have never heard of...and since from what I have heard there are 10,000 or so Heirloom varieties out there, I may be constantly adding on to my list well into my twilight years without ever picking the final Six.

In all fairness, there are worse things in this world than having to taste tomatoes.I do so enjoy posting here and comparing the varieties that I have gotten ahold of over time. Some of the outcomes of my Taste Testing came as quite a surprise to me, and I cant wait to see what surprises are in store for next Summer. Now all I need to do is get through the coming winter, and I can be back in the saddle tasting and critiquing the best of Summers delicacies!

Is it Spring yet???

Nov 26, 2007

Christmas Cactus....on a Monday??? Again!

I am so happy with the way these bloomed this season. I must admit, I remember this one being pinker than it is, but they say the memory is the first thing to go so what can I tell ya'.

I am a bit disappointed in my new baby cacti, it grew a few buds, but they seem to be stuck in tiny mode. I guess they just didn't get enough cold weather to set them , and get them moving. Oh Well, there is always next season for them.

I feel badly that this is a Veggie site that goes light on flowers, and lately all I have to talk about is flowers, but I promise that soon will come seeding time, and I will be brimming over with vegetable-y stories!! Until then my good friends, I must rely on my seasonal flowers to fill the time until vegetable season starts again.

I may sneak in a shot of my stunted lemon though, just to fill in some gaps.
You never know what you might stumble upon here on any given day ...... :)

Nov 20, 2007

My Pregnant Onion

I received this strange little plant as a gift from an online gardening friend last year. I was sure that I would kill it, as I had not even known they existed, let alone what I should do to get it to grow. Now after months of watching it like a hawk, and praying that the little onion-like bulb would actually set down and grow some roots, I am pleased to show everyone my Beautiful pregnant Onion in its youthful glory.
I cannot wait for her to start putting out her own little Onion Pups, they are pretty cute.

Nov 18, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

As promised, here are the latest pictures of my Christmas Cacti. they are really looking great this year. I am so totally thrilled to be able to share them with you.

Nov 13, 2007

A Stowaway

Yesterday afternoon, someone walked by my house, which of course got the dogs all excited with the thoughts that company might be coming. the next response to the thought of company is for them to go tart at the front window barking their fluffy heads off. This in turn causes my legs to move my body into the vicinity of the front window. This happens almost every day....but yesterday was different for when I arrived at aforementioned window I noticed a strange looking leaf on one of my Geraniums. On closer inspection I found this little caterpillar clinging to it like a life raft.
These geraniums were brought in for the Winter about 3 weeks ago, so I guess he has been amusing himself in my Geraniums for that length of time happy as a bug in a ...well....Geranium.
Now he has a new home in a jar with the leaf he was on and a cling wrap sky with a few holes punched in it. I would have been happier putting him outside where bugs belong, but I feel too guilty about puting him out in the killing cold. So looks like he found a home.

I now am on a quest of knowledge to find out what, if anything he may become someday...oh and for a good name.

Nov 12, 2007

Christmas Cactus....on a Monday???

I am so very sorry for my recent absence. I must admit that I was off having a nice, quiet time enjoying the Autumn of my surrounding area with my husband who at last found time to take a vacation from his work. I will make it up too you somehow I swear.

While I was offline, I did still manage to keep taking Sunday photos of my three debuting Christmas Cacti. I am going to post last weeks pictures today. This just past Sundays pictures next Sunday along with whatever new ones I manage to get on that day, and then a new series the week after so that then we can hopefully be caught up!

So with no further ado....the Cacti Trio

The color is almost there on this beauty above, I think I am starting to recall just what color it actually will be.

This one is so close you can almost see the beautiful cascading blooms...I cant wait to show you how this one turns out.

This little guy here has the best buds of them all. It is surprising how raising this little plant from a discarded piece of foliage has brought it so deeply into my favor. I am so excited , I can barely wait to see the color it turns out to be. I am hoping for a true red.

So as you see, things are changing slowly but surely, and since I have had a sneak preview of next weekend, I can promise you that things are going to get way more exciting then!! See you next weekend when the saga of the Cacti Trio continues to bloom.....