Nov 26, 2007

Christmas Cactus....on a Monday??? Again!

I am so happy with the way these bloomed this season. I must admit, I remember this one being pinker than it is, but they say the memory is the first thing to go so what can I tell ya'.

I am a bit disappointed in my new baby cacti, it grew a few buds, but they seem to be stuck in tiny mode. I guess they just didn't get enough cold weather to set them , and get them moving. Oh Well, there is always next season for them.

I feel badly that this is a Veggie site that goes light on flowers, and lately all I have to talk about is flowers, but I promise that soon will come seeding time, and I will be brimming over with vegetable-y stories!! Until then my good friends, I must rely on my seasonal flowers to fill the time until vegetable season starts again.

I may sneak in a shot of my stunted lemon though, just to fill in some gaps.
You never know what you might stumble upon here on any given day ...... :)

1 comment:

chigiy at Gardeners Anonymous said...

Your Christmas cactuses are beautiful.
My mom always had them around the house.
I should get some in her memory.