Nov 12, 2007

Christmas Cactus....on a Monday???

I am so very sorry for my recent absence. I must admit that I was off having a nice, quiet time enjoying the Autumn of my surrounding area with my husband who at last found time to take a vacation from his work. I will make it up too you somehow I swear.

While I was offline, I did still manage to keep taking Sunday photos of my three debuting Christmas Cacti. I am going to post last weeks pictures today. This just past Sundays pictures next Sunday along with whatever new ones I manage to get on that day, and then a new series the week after so that then we can hopefully be caught up!

So with no further ado....the Cacti Trio

The color is almost there on this beauty above, I think I am starting to recall just what color it actually will be.

This one is so close you can almost see the beautiful cascading blooms...I cant wait to show you how this one turns out.

This little guy here has the best buds of them all. It is surprising how raising this little plant from a discarded piece of foliage has brought it so deeply into my favor. I am so excited , I can barely wait to see the color it turns out to be. I am hoping for a true red.

So as you see, things are changing slowly but surely, and since I have had a sneak preview of next weekend, I can promise you that things are going to get way more exciting then!! See you next weekend when the saga of the Cacti Trio continues to bloom.....

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