Nov 20, 2007

My Pregnant Onion

I received this strange little plant as a gift from an online gardening friend last year. I was sure that I would kill it, as I had not even known they existed, let alone what I should do to get it to grow. Now after months of watching it like a hawk, and praying that the little onion-like bulb would actually set down and grow some roots, I am pleased to show everyone my Beautiful pregnant Onion in its youthful glory.
I cannot wait for her to start putting out her own little Onion Pups, they are pretty cute.


No Rain said...

Don't eat them--they are poisonous. I have several of these and they can go for a couple of months without water. They just kind of shrivel up and then when you water them, the plump right up. The leaves can get four feet long!

Donna said...

OOps, I should have pointed out in my posting that these are purely for show and that the name "Pregnant Onion" is just a name, and these are NOT EDIBLE , they are not even onions .

Thanks 'no rain' for letting everyone in on that for me!! :)

Otto said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you No Rain and Donna!!! I'm so glad I checked before attempting to eat them! You both answered my question. God bless you for taking the time to post your comments!!! People like me appreciate it!!!