Nov 30, 2007

Seeing , purple, pink, yellow....

I cannot believe how much I need a sun ripened, juicy warm , luscious garden tomato. I have gone so many weeks without one now that I feel like I am in the throes of some strange and cruel tomato withdrawal. Of course it really doesn't help matters any looking at all the Tomato Porn out there in the form of online Seed Stores that offer up the most tantalising pictures of summery tomato goodness.Yet here I am on the tail end of Autumn, looking upon the long , cold road of Winter. Not a good garden tomato in sight.

In the meantime, I sit here at my computer, anticipating the varieties I know for sure I will grow this summer. Then while looking at some of the seed sites I find myself fantasizing about how many more seeds I can get my hands on. I am, after all, on the quest for the six best varieties to take up permanent residence in my small but workable vegetable plot. Not to mention, I am also in the market for 3 to 4 Cherry Tomatoes to call the family favorites as well. However, at the rate I am going, collecting seed varieties, it will be a decade of experimenting with new found tomatoes before I will be able to call any six the absolute best, in my humble opinion of course. It really wouldn't be so hard to do this. Except, for every new gardening site or blog I stumble across, there is a new tomato fan touting the ultimate tastiness of a variety I have never heard of...and since from what I have heard there are 10,000 or so Heirloom varieties out there, I may be constantly adding on to my list well into my twilight years without ever picking the final Six.

In all fairness, there are worse things in this world than having to taste tomatoes.I do so enjoy posting here and comparing the varieties that I have gotten ahold of over time. Some of the outcomes of my Taste Testing came as quite a surprise to me, and I cant wait to see what surprises are in store for next Summer. Now all I need to do is get through the coming winter, and I can be back in the saddle tasting and critiquing the best of Summers delicacies!

Is it Spring yet???

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