Nov 13, 2007

A Stowaway

Yesterday afternoon, someone walked by my house, which of course got the dogs all excited with the thoughts that company might be coming. the next response to the thought of company is for them to go tart at the front window barking their fluffy heads off. This in turn causes my legs to move my body into the vicinity of the front window. This happens almost every day....but yesterday was different for when I arrived at aforementioned window I noticed a strange looking leaf on one of my Geraniums. On closer inspection I found this little caterpillar clinging to it like a life raft.
These geraniums were brought in for the Winter about 3 weeks ago, so I guess he has been amusing himself in my Geraniums for that length of time happy as a bug in a ...well....Geranium.
Now he has a new home in a jar with the leaf he was on and a cling wrap sky with a few holes punched in it. I would have been happier putting him outside where bugs belong, but I feel too guilty about puting him out in the killing cold. So looks like he found a home.

I now am on a quest of knowledge to find out what, if anything he may become someday...oh and for a good name.


ferne said...

He looks like a budworm to me. They do love geranium buds and once they burrow into one you won't get a flower. I'm not sure what a budworm becomes when he grows up though so that will be a interesting experiment. Bud worms are especially fun to watch on snapdragons as they turn the color of the flower they eat. The pink ones are really pretty! Keep us up to date on what he becomes.

just ferne

Donna said...

Thanks for the info :) I looked up the bud worm, and it does sound like my stowaway here. I bet he just found his way to that plant when it was brought in as there was no bud damage yet. I feel guilty for harboring an evil bud destroying insect, but he is so cute I feel even worse thinking about the alternatives. This was the first year these geraniums went out for the summer, so hopefully I wont find these Budworms to be a problem if I make it their last out there.