Dec 2, 2007

Green Thumb Sunday

Today is the first Sunday in December. My family's traditional day to go and get a tree for our Christmas. What a nice surprise for us this morning that it finally snowed a little. I love the season's first real snow, the town looks so glorious with a powder sugar dusting of snow. Maybe it will turn to rain later on like the weatherman says, but for now we are putting up our tree while a gentle snow falls, and its beginning to feel like Christmas.


Genny said...

Thats pretty and its cool. Happy GTS..

No Rain said...

Nice holly photo. Have fun getting the Christmas tree, and Happy GTS.

Mark said...

I'll send you my first Ho Ho Ho just to keep the feeling going

Donna said...

Thanks Guys.
Mark- I am going to use that Ho Ho Ho to keep the spirit during the rush of shopping that comes now :)