Dec 19, 2007

My Little Piece of the Tropics

Okay, so we all know that New England and weather make strange bedfellows. Today there is a nice layer of snow on the ground, covered in a nasty layer of ice. Tonight there is supposed to be a snow/rain mix and then of course Sunday it will be close to 50°F and most all of whatever we have on the ground will surely melt. That will of course be followed by frigid temperatures so we can re-freeze and then back to warm and so on and so get the picture.
So it is nice to have a little chunk of Tropical Paradise in your own home, even if that just means a tiny Spider Plant or a little cactus all is green and reminiscent of those warm Summer breezes that are a lifetime away....or so it seems at this moment.
My little paradise is in my dining room. Now don't get me wrong, that room is tiny, hardly big enough for the table let alone any elaborate plant set-up, but with the help of a few nice window shelves that my Better-Half built, I can keep a few nice pots of the green stuff to get me by until veggie season comes around again.
This is what I found the other day when I was in checking to see who needed a drink.....

And it is not a trick of photographic angles, that lemon really is that tiny.

Well, I am off to have my shot glass full of Lemon-Ade, while I sit on the radiator.
The next best thing to Summer....yeah right.

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