Jan 3, 2008

A New Year of Gardening and Goodies

Happy New Year

I feel really badly that I have been so absent from this place lately. I guess the Holidays just caught up to ...and bypassed me last month. I hate to say it though, I don't think I will be much more of a presence here in January either, as I got a late start on my Amaryllis and my houseplants just seem blah to me right this very moment. I promise you, as soon as my Amaryllis show some signs of life, I am sure to be here every minute of the day with blow by blow action shots of them doing their Winter thing.

Right now we are in the midst of an Arctic blast, the temperature finally climbed to a balmy and highly tropical 14°F with a wind chill of -1°F,however by next week we will be back up to the upper 40° and lower 50°s (but that too wont last long). That's New England for you. At any rate, this seems to be the coldest day so far this Winter. So of course that would be the day I pick to start getting my seed starting corner of my home universe in order. For the last 3 months it has been Holiday central in that room, but now with all the big cardboard and Rubbermaid boxes tucked back into there respective corners I have been able to get out all of the recycled plastic containers that I have saved up to use as little seed starting green houses. I can already envision them full of tiny, lush, green, tomato, pepper and eggplant sprouts. Oh and that earthy smell that comes with all of that baby plant goodness....I can hardly wait. I am specially excited about the new seed catalogues that should start showing up shortly in the mail. I already received a few, but the ones I am really waiting for will be sent out this week. Oh boy, like I need anymore tomato or pepper seeds. Well sure I do, what would life be like without a roomful of seed packs?!?

As soon as the seed catalogues show up I will let you know what sounds fabulous this season. I promised myself to stay away from hybrid tomatoes(not that there is anything wrong with them) but I am interested in a type of huge red one that I keep hearing about..... I will talk more about when it gets closer to seed time.
For now I've got to run, but I promise to be back as soon as I can with seeds and Amaryllis and all of the green-ness that a person can handle!!

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