Jan 14, 2008


For the passed 3 days, every local and national weather man/woman has been pumping up the people in Connecticut and the New England area for this huge Nor'easter that was to hit Last night(Sunday),into this morning(Monday). Heck my little 'Weather Channel' icon had been flashing like a nut since Friday. Then, depending on what station you landed on, the predictions were, as of Sunday evening, as low as 2-5 along the Connecticut coast, to as high as 10-14 or more, for much of the state including most of the coast.

The storm started as rain and quickly changed to snow as earlier predicted. I went to bed figuring I was getting up to school cancellations and a bunch of shoveling.

Bwaaaaaaahahahahahaha....I woke up at 4 am to find that we had been completely dumped on by at least 3/4 of an inch. So of course I turn on the local Weather/Travel Channel to see if something had delayed this Classic and powerful Nor'easter. The weatherman had about 10 words to say they were something like:the storm is winding down and it should be out of here in the next hour...goodbye.
The fastest weather I have ever heard.

So I went back to bed and then again got up with my alarm. Still no snow. I go back to watching the news to see what the weather guys had to say. I could not believe that they were still saying

4-8 and 6-10 inches for my area. Okay, in the defense of one of the guys, he is about 50 miles away, and in his neck of the woods there was a whopping 3-4 inches of the predicted 10-14 on the ground with snow still falling at a good pace, and of course anything could happen in that 2 hour or so range he was saying the storm would last. So I excuse him from the fray. Now the other guy, well that station is 2 towns away, and by that I mean less than 15 miles, so all he needed to do was stick his head out the window to see that the flurries that were falling on our massive 3/4 of an inch were in no way going to add up to that 4-8 inches. But the dual doppler radar, or the computer generated model, or what ever other equipment told him 4-8 inches and by golly thats the news.

Now before anyone jumps on me, I know that in some parts of New England they probably got hammered . I am also sure that some parts of the North Eastern corner of Connecticut got close to what was predicted. And yes, I know that it is in fact just a 'prediction' and not anything written in stone, and yes the job of predicting is a highly skilled one. But come on guys, when there is less than an inch on the ground, stop with the doom and gloom ,it just aint happening.

Well at any rate, I guess I am done complaining for the day. I do really respect the art of Meteorology, adn the fine men and women who entertain me with the weather on a daily basis, but today the errors just got me going.

So I leave you with a little educated weather prediction myself.
Tomorrow, light...followed by a period of dark. Also included throughout will be the chance or not, of scattered precipitation.

Ahhhh, I missed my calling.......

Oh, by the way, the weather guy just said we have the chance for another storm just like this one at the weeks end. Go Figure.

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