Jan 17, 2008

Talking Tomatoes Two

Finally the majority of the seed catalogs have arrived.

Ahhh.... so much seedy goodness I can hardly stand it. Here are a few of the favorites that I have received so far. Unfortunately I don't have enough room in my seed/storage/craft room to keep all of the catalogs I receive, so some naturally have to go into the recycling bin after they are well read, while some lucky ones get put aside and recycled for their pictures , those sadly are already gone and didn't make their photo debut here.

Now that I have stopped drooling over the pictures, and throwing myself a pity party over my lack of acreage, I am ready to start discussing those few Open Pollinated/Heirloom tomatoes with the genetic capability of producing HUGE fruits. Well, if not considered HUGE then think really big,I am talking 2-3 pounds a fruit,and in my garden 2-3 pounders are considered colossal. technically I could probably get larger fruits if I went with a hybrid such as 'Porterhouse' or 'Big Zac' but to me there is something special about being able to save your own seeds from year to year , and ending up with a tomato that is absolutely perfect for that little micro -climate called your yard. Plus I just dig the taste of most heirloom varieties.

Okay, enough of my preaching, and on to the first contender.

The first one I want to touch on, is one I am not really considering for my garden, but is one that I feel is important for anyone who is interested in growing tomatoes for size. This is the OP/Heirloom variety 'Delicious' .This is a large red slicing type with most fruits being a pound+. It will occasionally have fruit as large as 2-3 pounds. The most important thing though, is that this variety holds the worlds record for the largest tomato , coming in at 7 pounds. There are methods that you have to use to get fruit of that incredible size, and I know there are books out there that will tell you what they are, but since I haven't read any I cant really, in good conscience, recommend which book is best. I want a tomato to grow big on its own, without pruning and bud picking and only keeping one or two fruit per plant, so I probably will not read any of these books....well maybe for the fun of it I might read one, but I don't see that in the near future. However, if I do, I will be certain to let you know all about it!

Next time my third place picks(it's a 3 way tie) 'Cuostralee ' and 'Chapman'and 'Big Rainbow' .


Celt said...

Hey there! How about a blog on your favorite seed catalogs? I am always collecting great resources. What are your favorites and why? Better seeds? More heirloom varieties? Better delivery? Cheaper prices? Guaranteed germination? I would love to hear your thoughts. ;)

Looks like a great list of 'maters too!

Donna said...

If there is enough time between BIG tomato blogging and seed sowing time I may just do a catalog review.Thanks!
Keep an eye out for it :)