Jan 23, 2008

Talking Tomatoes.....Three

Now it is time to take a look at my three third choice tomatoes in the 'Growing 'em Huge' category.I am sorry I couldn't narrow it down to one, but so many of them sound so tempting that it is getting tough to say No to them.
Again I will state that there are some Hybrids like the 'Big Zac' already mentioned and others that may grow bigger tomatoes, but I am trying to stay with Heirlooms/Ops for the time being, as I have become somewhat obsessed with seed saving.

Side note: although the last post said that my third choice , choices, would include a variety named 'Chapman', I cant find my notes on that variety, so I am substituting in 'Olena Ukrainian'.Sorry.

Okay out of the three of my third choices, one is named 'Big Rainbow'. This is a Bi-colored red and yellow fellow. The scoop on this tomato, from the person who sent me the seeds is,that it is big and juicy plus pretty tasty too. Size wise, it is not exceptionally HUGE, but the reported size from this person was around 22 ounces. Now that is from someone who did nothing special to the plant, and I have read in most seed publications that this tomato can commonly grow to the 2 pound range.So I do believe that with the proper care they could grow even bigger. All that being said, this one won me over as much for juiciness and taste as it did for size, well the gorgeous color combo didn't hurt either. It may not be the one for the Tomato Patch this season, but it will debut there soon enough!

The next tomato is 'Cuostralee'. I have heard a bunch of folks say a ton of great things about this guy, so of course with a little more research it goes not only on to my list of wanted seed, but here as well.This is what I know about 'Cuostralee' it is a red French Heirloom . It is balanced in flavor, which says that it is not too sweet or too tart....Mmmm I can just taste it now....and produces pretty heavily fore a large variety. This one produces fruit in the 1-2 pound range, but has the potential to give the occasional larger fruit.Again it wins me over for the size only because that is backed up by flavor.

Finally , my third tomato in the third choice slot is a tomato named 'Olena Ukrainian'. These are a pink beefsteak variety that grow in the 1-2 pound range. It is a Potato Leaf variety grown originally in Odessa Ukraine, and the BIG tomatovariety that I have chosen to grow this season. I don't want to go too much into the flavor potential of these fruit as I am going to have a better idea of that once I actually get to taste them, but from all that I have read, they are not too sweet and very rich in tomato flavor.As far as these tomatoes are concerned, I figure, 1-2 pounds is already large as far as I am concerned, and again they hold the potential for growing larger. I am excited about these because I tend to like tomatoes that hail from the Eastern European area.I will let you know much more about these in my end of season 'Tomatoes on Parade' post. So make sure to check back for that at the end of the Summer.

Next time, choice number TWO 'Neves Azorean Red'


Dee/reddirtramblings said...

All I can say is "Yumm." I've grown Big Rainbow, but not the others. Thanks for the info.

Gardening for Fun said...

I'm growing Olena Ukrainian this year too. I hope they do well! Have you tried this variety before?

Donna said...

This is going to be my first time growing Olena Ukrainian. I have high hopes for it.I have talked to others who have grown it, and it sounds like a winner! Although I must confess that my idea of a perfect tomato seems to change every year and with every new variety, there always seems to be something even more exotic and tasty to try every time I turn around LOL!!