Feb 7, 2008

Is it Spring Yet???

This Winter sucks.

One of the most important rules I have set for myself as an adult is to not wish my life away. I have spent the past 10 years looking forward to things, but not actually wishing for it to be some date because I know now how quickly time passes without any help at all.

This Winter is challenging that rule in a big way. I am one step away from wishing it was Spring already.

This has been ultimately one of the crappiest Winters in my life. No, not because of all the frigid weather...and no not because of the shoveling of snow ...but because of the lack of those things. We have had some pretty cold weather, but nothing prolonged, and snow....what snow, we have had maybe 5-6 inches so far in my neighborhood all season...snow...hah.
Okay, I am totally prepared for all of the dirty looks and name calling behind my back by all of you who have either had your fill of snow this season, or who just hate the white fluffy stuff outright.
I, however, need that snowy transition period to give me something to do other than thinking that if it was just 10 degrees warmer I could start my garden already. But then I look outside and everything is gray and brown and lifeless....
So instead I have become a seed junkie. I spend nearly all me free time , looking at my seeds, looking at catalogs with seeds, on websites with seeds, buying more seeds, and generally wishing that I could be planting my seeds.
I have gotten so desperate for signs of life lately that the other day , while eating pineapple, I happened upon a seed in my fruit. I could hardly contain myself and called madly to my husband to show him my precious find. If this was a pearl in an oyster , it wouldn't have meant anything compared to that glorious seed. I placed it in my kitchen on the windowsill....right in the middle for all to see and admire!!
Alas though, I could not control myself, this morning the urge to plant overwhelmed me, and my precious pineapple seed is now tucked into a small pot under a dusting of seed starting mix , wrapped in plastic , awaiting germination....and Spring.....

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