Feb 27, 2008

More Seeds Started

The kids went back to school, and the tomatoes and tomatillos have been sown....ahhhh, Spring is soon to be Sprung!!Even the snow outside slowly melting seems to know that Spring is just around the bend. I am keeping my fingers crossed that some snow that is supposed to come Friday night misses us so I can get my Pea patch ready for seeds in a few weeks....a few weeks, can you believe that it is already time again?!? I know, I know, I have been bemoaning my lack of gardening since I pulled the last of the tomatoes out in the Fall, but WOW , it really did seem to come back pretty quickly, maybe I should whine about more things, see if it helps...Hahahaha!

And now for the obligatory picture of my seed and seedling growing set-up,please do not laugh at my Grow-Op, it might hurt its feelings :P ....
I have started Green tomatillos from a fruit sent to me by a gardening Forum friend in Spain...I lost all but one seedling last year and alas they need a mate to set fruit, so I am crossing my fingers that I dont screw things up this season.The tomatoes of choice for this year are: Olena Ukrainian, we talked about her in one of the 'Huge Tomato' blogs, Fireball,Cherokee Purple,Aunt Ruby's German Green,Earl of Edgecomb,San Marzano,Principe Borghese, Black Cherry, Clemintine, and a Red Grape that I saved seeds from a salad I had at Bertucci's restaraunt. I will of course talk more in depth about them as the season progresses and finally in my 2008 Tomatoes on Parade.

You may even spy a few sprouts.....
These are , on the left, Greenboquet Basil, and on the right, Italian Flat Leaf PArsley. They are for my window sill, so I still have herb sowing to accomplish...maybe I will do that on Friday!!

Until next time....have fun getting some dirt under your nails!!

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Gardening for Fun said...

I like your grow op. Your basil looks yummy. I plan on starting mine this weekend. Happy gardening.