Feb 14, 2008

Tada...and The Winner Is!!

So here we are at last. The tomato everyone has been waiting to hear about. Huge open pollinated tomato Number One!


What a beauty she is too!! This is a fabulous heirloom from Poland. It produces a deep red tomato that is dense and meaty, beefsteak in shape, and oh so very tangy, rich , juicy and sweet . This is definitely a full bodied tomato...in both size and flavor. Zogola is known for giving clusters of fruit, some of them in the 2 to 3 pound range, and even better than that this is a reliable producer. They fair well even in less than optimal conditions , which is another plus.I don't have any seeds for it this year yet....but I will definitely have them for next season. I am crossing my fingers for a 3 pounder!!

So this is , in my opinion one of the best for giving out those huge tomatoes, the ones you use to impress the neighbors with. Plus with a little extra nudge, 'Zogola' might even give you a record winner for your area....who knows. Of course there are many more varieties that will give tomatoes in the 1-2 pound range, so if big is your thing, do a little research and keep trying different varieties until you find the ones that you truly adore. I believe that experimenting with new tomatoes is half the fun of actually growing tomatoes...and with so many 1000's to choose from, there is a new tomato around every corner, and the possibilities are delicious!!


giam said...

I'm from Italy.
I have just buy seeds of tomato Zogola from Tomatofest.com. I would like to grow this tomato because I had problems with blossom end root and I read in a book that Zogola has not this problem or it is resistent. This year I have grow tomato Wins All and it was blossom end root resistnt.
I see that you are a Zogola's lover :-) I have only a very little corner to grow.
Ok... :-) Good veggie for you.. :-)
Ciao and excuse me for my english...

Donna said...

Hi There Giam,
I am glad you are going to be trying Zogola. I hope it does well for you!! :) Let me know how you like it.