Feb 5, 2008

Still Talking Tomatoes

So, we are now down to Open Pollinated huge Tomato number 2.

'Neves Azorean Red'

This is a beefsteak type of tomato that was developed by Anthony Neves. He brought seeds from the Azores with him back to the Boston area. This is where he grew out selected seed for size, until he ended up with the big beauty we now enjoy.

'Neves Azorean Red' is an indeterminate tomato which mature around the late-midseason mark although it is always a good idea to account for fluctuations in weather and ones own garden climate. The fruits of this type grow large, smooth and deep red in the 1-2 pound range. Some of the things I have read about 'Neves Azorean Red' say it is a tomato in the 1-3 pound range. So, as with many of the extra large tomato varieties, this one definitely has the ability to produce tomatoes at least up to the 3 pound range with no extra effort, so if you want to put in a little more work, a 4 pounder probably isn't out of the question.....although that is stretching it a bit. From what I have heard in the garden ...it's a tasty complex and meaty tomato, and the folks who grow it seem to love it more for its flavor and its sturdiness more than for its size . That, I think is, the very most important aspect, as sometimes the large tomatoes end up being grown purely for size with no regards to taste....and I dig taste above all!

Stay tuned for Huge Tomato #1......'Zogola'

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