Mar 30, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

Oh , Those Sweet Signs of Spring!!

I absolutely adore the first Crocus of the Spring, they are such a cheerful reminder of the treats that are soon to come.

Mar 26, 2008

Seedlings in Full Swing!

It almost smells like Summer in my seed room. Ahhh...what a glorious thing that really is for me at this time of year.

Most of the Tomato seeds that were sown back in the second part of February have not only sprouted , but have been transplanted into their own bigger roomier homes. The ones that I haven't gotten around to transplanting are only waiting for me to get some better potting mix as I ran out in the middle of potting up yesterday. I guess I could have gone out to the nearest Home Depot to fetch some more...but truthfully I was cold and I didn't want to leave the comfort of my warm home and my sloppy yet cozy seed planting clothes. Or maybe I was just being lazy...hey, it happens.

So for the most part I am ecstatic over my crop of babies who are now just waiting patiently for the warmth of May to be planted out.The Tomatillos are doing their thing ,looking nice and strong(lets hope I don't kill them all like last year).The eggplants are almost ready to be transplanted. The peppers, though a tad bit slow since it is a little colder than they would prefer, are starting to put out their true leaves. I am green with happiness.
Well... I do have two or 3 exceptions to my happy hysteria.
Disappointment #1 would be my choice of gold tomato for this year 'Earl of Edgecombe' out of the 7 or 8 seeds that I planted for this variety, only 3 have sprouted, and where most of the other varieties who where sown on the same day have grown big and lush, putting out true leaves and more, the 'Earl of Edgecombe' have not done much of anything. Too bad I only had those few seeds of this tomato. I am really thinking that these are going to be a big bust this season. I did sow a few 'Basinga' seeds hurriedly this last week as a back-up yellow just in case. Now I am crossing my fingers that they sprout and move along quickly.

'Earl of Edgecombe'

Some of the 'Others'

Disappointment #2, My 'Aunt Rubies German Green' have had some difficulty in the germination arena as well, but at least the 2 that managed to germinate are moving along pretty well. Also luckily for me I had a few extra seed for this variety left and I reseeded fairly early hoping that a few more seeds will jump on the germination bandwagon.

and finally

Disappointment #3 comes from my hopes that all seeds are created to burst forth and share their genetic wealth with us all. This is just not true in some cases. Specifically with regards to the luscious 'Black Eggplant' that I grew from bargain store plants last season. They were oh so tasty and extremely prolific. Well prolific for me at any rate, being that I am a known killer amongst the Eggplant set. Unfortunately as tasty and prolific as they were, their seeds were also sterile. I treated those seeds with more care than my children are accustomed to, I sowed thickly, I kept them warm and moist...and not one seed sprouted.Oh well live and learn, at least we had our one season in the sun together.

Lucky for me, so far, my set backs so far have been minor , and my accomplishments have outweighed the negatives. So for now things are going as smoothly as they ever have...I hope it lasts....

Mar 20, 2008

Public Enemy #1

Within hours of my posting the picture of my Sprouts of Hope...a Fluffy Tailed Demon from Hell decided to dig around, just for a laugh in the tiny pot that was my green salvation. Granted I know my yard is a small one, but puh-lease, he couldn't have dug any place else?!?!?! I mean, really, it was one thing when the destroyed my garage roof, another thing when they tried to turn my lawn into a golf course...I even put up with the occasional littler of babies that have to be vacated from the rafters of the destroyed garage....but I WILL NOT put up with my Sprouts of Hope being violated !!

A word of caution to you my furry friend...sleep with one eye open.

Looks like squirrel season has officially begun....

Mar 19, 2008

Easter Suprise!

Normally I love when Easter finally rolls around. I always have.To me it was always the signal that life was renewing itself and that Spring was truly in the air. I worked at a huge, and extremely productive greenhouse in my teens and early twenties.It is long gone now , but fondly remembered.It was there I spent plenty of time sweating my buns off, and learning to appreciate the seasons and the green splendor some of them brought, and of course the peaceful downtime from the others. That being said, aside from Christmas and Mothers Day, Easter was our busiest and most fragrant time of year. I can still visualise the hundred upon hundred Easter Lilies in the Big House waiting for their delivery to all the local churches. The Tulips in every shade imaginable waiting for their debut and the Hyacinths with their heady fragrance. Wow, just sitting here typing this takes me back.....

That is why this year, with Easter so very early, up until this morning I couldn't get into the groove of things. Sure I could get my hit of Lilies and Hyacinth at any local Wal-Mart or grocery store....but it isn't the same. I still walk out to cold temperatures, and the crocus are barely poking their heads up.Oh, and what will Easter be without the obligatory picture in front of the crazily blooming Forsythia. Hmm. It is enough to drive me to living in my seed room just for the green-ness of it all.

But today one little ray of tiny glimmer of Spring....

Out on my back porch, hidden in a pot left from last Summer....a tiny bunch of perfect Chive sprouts. Ahhhh the joy of it all. I can finally think of the green to come. Good thing too, as the kids were getting tired of visiting me in the seed room.

Mar 12, 2008

Seeds Are Sprouting!!

With St.Patrick's day around the bend , I am eagerly anticipating actually getting outside and doing some planting. Granted it will only be 3 tee-pee pots of Snow Peas and a few window boxes of Spinach, but that will at least hold off my craving for garden contact for a few weeks. I can hardly contain myself. I wanted to do the prep work last week , however Mother Nature had different plans for me. When it was warm , it was pouring rain....when the rain ceased, it was 20 degrees. What is an antsy gardener to do.

This antsy gardener fiddles around with the tomato and pepper seedlings. YES , you heard that seeds have a' sprouted!! I was a little disappointed in my Cherokee Purples, Aunt Ruby's German Greens and my Earl of Edgecombe though. Those are my fancy color guys this season, and the germination on them has been less than stellar. At first I thought it was my set up, as I don't use bottom heat, rather I rely on my lights to heat the nature very much does with the sun beaming down on the soil, not up thru it. Then I realised it couldn't be my Grow-Op as the cherry, paste and red and pink varieties had no problem germinating at all. So I now have the weighty decision on my hands as to whether to reseed the ones that only 1 or 2 seeds sprouted out of the 9-12 I sowed...or do I wait another week to see if any stragglers will shoot up. I don't want to wait too long because I want them to be big and healthy before plant out time arrives as I am famous for killing seedlings during that tremulous hardening off stage.....but that is a story you have all heard from me before...and probably will again in May. Oh what a seedy drama....

Of course my whole life has been full to the brim with drama lately, what with both son and daughter having fights with friends and lovers and all the tears, pain, and woe that this sort of event brings.The whole lot of it makes me almost glad I have my seed situation to take me away from it all. I mean, how can you be stressed out when you are looking at a tiny seedling that you know will burst forth with vegetable-y goodness in a few short months!

Spring is like that I guess, a time of over whelming growth...and along with that growth...overwhelming hormones. But just as I planted the best seeds for my vegetables, in the best soil I could find, I planted the best attributes into my children and gave them the best foundation that I I am figuring my tomatoes will weather their transition form seed to plant, and my children will do the same on their way into adulthood. is something magical.