Mar 19, 2008

Easter Suprise!

Normally I love when Easter finally rolls around. I always have.To me it was always the signal that life was renewing itself and that Spring was truly in the air. I worked at a huge, and extremely productive greenhouse in my teens and early twenties.It is long gone now , but fondly remembered.It was there I spent plenty of time sweating my buns off, and learning to appreciate the seasons and the green splendor some of them brought, and of course the peaceful downtime from the others. That being said, aside from Christmas and Mothers Day, Easter was our busiest and most fragrant time of year. I can still visualise the hundred upon hundred Easter Lilies in the Big House waiting for their delivery to all the local churches. The Tulips in every shade imaginable waiting for their debut and the Hyacinths with their heady fragrance. Wow, just sitting here typing this takes me back.....

That is why this year, with Easter so very early, up until this morning I couldn't get into the groove of things. Sure I could get my hit of Lilies and Hyacinth at any local Wal-Mart or grocery store....but it isn't the same. I still walk out to cold temperatures, and the crocus are barely poking their heads up.Oh, and what will Easter be without the obligatory picture in front of the crazily blooming Forsythia. Hmm. It is enough to drive me to living in my seed room just for the green-ness of it all.

But today one little ray of tiny glimmer of Spring....

Out on my back porch, hidden in a pot left from last Summer....a tiny bunch of perfect Chive sprouts. Ahhhh the joy of it all. I can finally think of the green to come. Good thing too, as the kids were getting tired of visiting me in the seed room.

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