Mar 12, 2008

Seeds Are Sprouting!!

With St.Patrick's day around the bend , I am eagerly anticipating actually getting outside and doing some planting. Granted it will only be 3 tee-pee pots of Snow Peas and a few window boxes of Spinach, but that will at least hold off my craving for garden contact for a few weeks. I can hardly contain myself. I wanted to do the prep work last week , however Mother Nature had different plans for me. When it was warm , it was pouring rain....when the rain ceased, it was 20 degrees. What is an antsy gardener to do.

This antsy gardener fiddles around with the tomato and pepper seedlings. YES , you heard that seeds have a' sprouted!! I was a little disappointed in my Cherokee Purples, Aunt Ruby's German Greens and my Earl of Edgecombe though. Those are my fancy color guys this season, and the germination on them has been less than stellar. At first I thought it was my set up, as I don't use bottom heat, rather I rely on my lights to heat the nature very much does with the sun beaming down on the soil, not up thru it. Then I realised it couldn't be my Grow-Op as the cherry, paste and red and pink varieties had no problem germinating at all. So I now have the weighty decision on my hands as to whether to reseed the ones that only 1 or 2 seeds sprouted out of the 9-12 I sowed...or do I wait another week to see if any stragglers will shoot up. I don't want to wait too long because I want them to be big and healthy before plant out time arrives as I am famous for killing seedlings during that tremulous hardening off stage.....but that is a story you have all heard from me before...and probably will again in May. Oh what a seedy drama....

Of course my whole life has been full to the brim with drama lately, what with both son and daughter having fights with friends and lovers and all the tears, pain, and woe that this sort of event brings.The whole lot of it makes me almost glad I have my seed situation to take me away from it all. I mean, how can you be stressed out when you are looking at a tiny seedling that you know will burst forth with vegetable-y goodness in a few short months!

Spring is like that I guess, a time of over whelming growth...and along with that growth...overwhelming hormones. But just as I planted the best seeds for my vegetables, in the best soil I could find, I planted the best attributes into my children and gave them the best foundation that I I am figuring my tomatoes will weather their transition form seed to plant, and my children will do the same on their way into adulthood. is something magical.

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Spring is something magical!