Apr 24, 2008

Hey....What's in that Apple?

A few weeks ago, my dearest husband, was cutting up an apple for an after dinner nosh. Now, any one who knows me , knows I normally don't buy apples any time in the off season. So the fact that we have apples at this time of year seems strange and almost traitorous, but before I take any lashings form the wet noodle, I must clarify and state that those apples were solely for a pastry I was going to try making, and never intended for raw consumption. But I digress.

Back to hubby and his apple wedges....

So Michael is eating his not so delicious, out of season, apple wedges. I am fiddling about somewhere else in the house, when from out of no where I here my name urgently being called. So I rush to see what the emergency is. In the dining room I find hubby cradling two sprouted apple seeds gently in his palm. Seems that the apples I had chosen have been sitting around a tad longer than I figured and the seeds inside them decided it was now or never on the germination front.

So to make a long story short, those seeds were lovingly snuggled down into their own little beds of seed starter and are doing fabulously. I cant wait to taste my first home grown apple.....only another 15 or 20 years to go.


Robert C. Mullins said...

Well, your hypothesis is great, however I thought I would shed a bit of light on your ideas.

1. Why would you want to grow a tasteless apple?
2. Apple trees rarely grow true to form from seed, in fact the odds are so great it is something like 1,000 to 1 that you will get apples. Most likely you will grow something called a 'crab apple' from these seeds. They will be very bitter and astringent for the most part.
3. Apples are cultivated by grafting pretty much solely. If you want 'real' apples (there really is no such thing) you have to find some scion wood and graft it to a rootstock.
4. Grafted trees are grafted because native rootstock is very susceptible to many diseases, which is why apple growers usually graft to M11, Bud 9 or any other hardy stocks.

I hope I didn't crush your dreams. The best way to get apples is to go to your local nursery and ask to see or grow some 'pioneer' apples. Arkansas Black, Black Twig, Esopus Spitzenburg or any other of the many thousands of usable apple trees available.

Donna said...

No Worries Robert,You didnt crush my dreams LOL!!

1. The variety of apple I bought would not be tasteless if it was an apple bought when in season...we love this particular variety, but like buying a tomato at the store...it just aint like home grown :)(which makes it a rare occasion that I buy either...by the way , the Guinea Pigs got the rest of the apples )

2.Crab Apples are pretty cool, They are ornamental...and I could make some nice crabapple jelly from them.

3-4. I already have a 'real' apple tree...I'm just a sucker for growing from seeds !! :D

But Thanks for the pioneer apple variety names , I will have to check them out :)