Apr 10, 2008

Ride a Bus...Grow Some Flowers

I have often wondered why my region isn't more Green friendly. I read several gardening blogs, and wander through the halls of a gardening forum or two or three... and it always amazes me how some areas are so much more in tune with the home gardener growing their own veggies or the home owner trying to cut down on their use of environmentally damaging products, and honestly I have been a little envious.

So imagine my delight this morning, stumbling across some local Earth Day news.

There I was, enjoying my ritual cuppa joe, and leafing though my local newspaper expecting to read the usual crud, when I ran across a few paragraphs titled "Free Bus Passes Help Flowers Grow". The article goes on to explain that, The Greater Bridgeport Transit Authority(GBTA), in an effort to help reduce our Carbon Footprint and encourage the use of public transportation, is going to give away 3000 all-day bus passes . These passes will be good all during the day on Earth Day, April 22nd.
The even neater part of the deal is, the bus passes are infused with Wildflower Seeds. Once you use the pass for your free ride, you get to go home and plant them.So not only do you reduce your CO2 emissions for the day(and hopefully longer)but you get to bloom a little too.

What a good idea, from personal experience I know that nothing gets me to buy a product or service more than a little free sample to start me off. And what better way to improve our environment, who says there's no such thing as a free ride....now you get a free ride and a bunch of flowers too.

To read more about it...click here

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