Apr 30, 2008

State of my Sad Seedlings

So, to be completely honest, my Tomato season thus far has been a big flaming ball of crap.
I have continued to lose my seedlings at an alarming rate. To What?? Not a clue!All I know is that I am down to maybe 8 usable seedlings out of 64...and I say usable only if I am able to keep them alive thru their hardening off next week, and actually get them into the ground.So for all intents and purposes I am calling this seed starting season a bust.

So back to the whys of my seedy demises. So far it has been suggested to me that a possible cause for my tomato wilting death might be over-watering. Then it was suggested I could possibly be under-watering them. I was told to Google 'Wilt' which of course sent me into a frenzy resulting in my destruction of nearly half of my seedlings and all growing material that may have come within 10 miles of those seedlings.I must admit , my fingernails are never as clean as they are after drenching everything with bleach trying to eradicate an imagined outbreak of the dreaded 'WILT'. But I digress....I did send some pictures to our Ag extension, and was told I most likely didn't have any wilt, but that my soil is retaining to much moisture. My theory right now is possible fertilizer burn from the slow release fertilizer that is present in the potting mix that I bought because I thought I was doing a good thing....who knows. I give up, all I know now is that they are all either dead, or on their way there, and I am feeling more like a failure than a backyard farmer.

So be forewarned, if there is to be a 'Tomatoes on Parade '08' it will have to be based on store started seedlings and not home started ones. I feel horribly about this, but there is nothing I can do at this point other than suck it up and forge forward.I was really hoping I could get this seed thing rigyht....well...I can only hope next season is a better one. I have way too many seeds to give up yet. Maybe I will try Winter Sowing them....yeah ... that might work.....

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Jen said...

I found your blog while googling about a tomato problem I am having. I found your posting on GW (which I am not a member of) and saw the link to your blog. Anyway, my tomato problem is IDENTICAL to yours! I also used MG seed starter and MG potting mix! I too live in CT! I have a suspicion that the MG is putting that moisture control stuff into all the soil because my plants are wilting like crazy, and the soil never seems to dry out all the way. I have always stayed away from moisture control products for this very reason. Anyway, I am SO in the exact same boat as you. Please email me if you want to chat about it (and I hope you do!)