May 25, 2008

Memorial Day Thanks

This is my Thank You to all of the wonderfully brave and noble men and women, who gave their lives , so that I could sit here today...

Thank You just doesn't express enough...God Bless You and Keep You.

Green Thumb Sunday

Happy Green Thumb Sunday!!!

My wonderful Hens & Chicks circle.

I got these last Spring from a fantastic poster over at a garden site I frequent. Gardeners have such generous souls!!

May 21, 2008

How Does your Garden Grow?!?

Well I don't know about your garden, but mine is still at the tiny plant stage. It will take off eventually once the weather starts to co-operate, but for now everything is small and slowly growing. After the mess I have had with my tomato seedlings small and slow is something joyous for me, because at least they made it into my garden !!

Here is Garden 2008:

Pots of Mints

Beautiful Strawberry Bud

Lovely Fennel

Hard to see, but still there...tomatoes and eggplants

More tomatoes and peppers

My Golden raspberries and Blackberries...with garlic up in front...can not wait for those scapes!!

Well I hope everyone is able to do something in their garden matter if it is just a few pots of herbs , or acres and acres of everything most surely is good for your soul!Enjoy!!

May 14, 2008

Who made it to the garden!!

Looks like planting time is finally here. So I am sure the question on every ones mind is 'what,if anything, managed to survive and make it out into Donna's garden'

Well I will tell you. More things made it into the garden than I had hoped, with all things considered. And if you read back a few postings you will see that I pretty much had a miserable year with my tomato seedlings and was ready to call it a day with them. Thankfully a few of my more interesting plants survived, and that pleases me to no end :) What I lacked in home grown,I made up with the typical boring national chain store varieties. Lucky for me I am able to get a few nice heirloom varieties locally, and will be supplementing with those...only 2 brought in heirloom plants mind you, but I will list them and the store ones none the less.
So with out further ado, I will introduce this seasons line up:

Of course I will start off with the stars of the garden...the Tomatoes...

first the store ones,

Golden Girl- A round gold,had this one last season as well since it seems I have some strange trouble with yellows and oranges growing in my house, they are pretty tasty so I am not too disappointed.

Better Boy- A round red, what can you do, there isn't much available.

Olena Ukrainian- Mine ,Potato Leaf(PL) Pink Beefsteak type

Cherokee Purple- mine, large pink/purple Regular Leaf(RL)

Aunt Ruby's German Green- Mine, Large Green Beefsteak type

Sweet 100's- Red Cherry

SunSugar- Gold Cherry

Next on the hit list are Peppers:

All of these are home grown

Paprika- These were seeds from one of my sisters friends from Germany, all I know is that the envelope said paprika on it.

Orange Bell- I saved these seeds from a fruit I bought at the local produce market, who knows what I will get...we will all be surprised together.

Grueso de Plaza- I received these from a wonderful woman in Spain, I grew them last season, and they were like long bell peppers in shape, and would have turned a nice red, but I was impatient and ate them when they were still green...they were tasty tasty...I will show more restraint this season.

Brown Congo- Received from Pepper Joe's, I sowed half the seeds I had, but only managed to germinate one seed(this has everything to do with me, and not the seed source. They are a fabulous seed source). It is doing well so far and I am really excited about it.

Burpees 5 Mix- I have no clue which ones will end up in my garden,m so when I know what they are, you will too LOL!

Next to go ...
Black Beauty- Common Large black beautiful eggplant.

Listada de Gandia- I grew these in pots last season and they did not do well, but they have such beautiful fruit I am going to put one in my garden and see if it fares any better. The fruit of this one is a beautiful white and purple stripe...absolutely stunning!

Finally ,
Tomatillos, these are from seeds I received from a trade. They are from a wild tomatillo plant and are the green type. I killed all my seedlings except one last year and got no fruit as tomatillos need a pollinator. So I am hoping I do better this year as they make for fabulous Salsa Verde!

There are some other things in my garden as well, but the above are the ones I like to talk about the most...I am a sucker for tomatoes after all !! I might show you my garlic when the time comes, but you will have to be good LOL!!

Now here's to crossing my fingers until I am sure that what was transplanted out survives.

More to come as the garden grows....