May 21, 2008

How Does your Garden Grow?!?

Well I don't know about your garden, but mine is still at the tiny plant stage. It will take off eventually once the weather starts to co-operate, but for now everything is small and slowly growing. After the mess I have had with my tomato seedlings small and slow is something joyous for me, because at least they made it into my garden !!

Here is Garden 2008:

Pots of Mints

Beautiful Strawberry Bud

Lovely Fennel

Hard to see, but still there...tomatoes and eggplants

More tomatoes and peppers

My Golden raspberries and Blackberries...with garlic up in front...can not wait for those scapes!!

Well I hope everyone is able to do something in their garden matter if it is just a few pots of herbs , or acres and acres of everything most surely is good for your soul!Enjoy!!

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