May 14, 2008

Who made it to the garden!!

Looks like planting time is finally here. So I am sure the question on every ones mind is 'what,if anything, managed to survive and make it out into Donna's garden'

Well I will tell you. More things made it into the garden than I had hoped, with all things considered. And if you read back a few postings you will see that I pretty much had a miserable year with my tomato seedlings and was ready to call it a day with them. Thankfully a few of my more interesting plants survived, and that pleases me to no end :) What I lacked in home grown,I made up with the typical boring national chain store varieties. Lucky for me I am able to get a few nice heirloom varieties locally, and will be supplementing with those...only 2 brought in heirloom plants mind you, but I will list them and the store ones none the less.
So with out further ado, I will introduce this seasons line up:

Of course I will start off with the stars of the garden...the Tomatoes...

first the store ones,

Golden Girl- A round gold,had this one last season as well since it seems I have some strange trouble with yellows and oranges growing in my house, they are pretty tasty so I am not too disappointed.

Better Boy- A round red, what can you do, there isn't much available.

Olena Ukrainian- Mine ,Potato Leaf(PL) Pink Beefsteak type

Cherokee Purple- mine, large pink/purple Regular Leaf(RL)

Aunt Ruby's German Green- Mine, Large Green Beefsteak type

Sweet 100's- Red Cherry

SunSugar- Gold Cherry

Next on the hit list are Peppers:

All of these are home grown

Paprika- These were seeds from one of my sisters friends from Germany, all I know is that the envelope said paprika on it.

Orange Bell- I saved these seeds from a fruit I bought at the local produce market, who knows what I will get...we will all be surprised together.

Grueso de Plaza- I received these from a wonderful woman in Spain, I grew them last season, and they were like long bell peppers in shape, and would have turned a nice red, but I was impatient and ate them when they were still green...they were tasty tasty...I will show more restraint this season.

Brown Congo- Received from Pepper Joe's, I sowed half the seeds I had, but only managed to germinate one seed(this has everything to do with me, and not the seed source. They are a fabulous seed source). It is doing well so far and I am really excited about it.

Burpees 5 Mix- I have no clue which ones will end up in my garden,m so when I know what they are, you will too LOL!

Next to go ...
Black Beauty- Common Large black beautiful eggplant.

Listada de Gandia- I grew these in pots last season and they did not do well, but they have such beautiful fruit I am going to put one in my garden and see if it fares any better. The fruit of this one is a beautiful white and purple stripe...absolutely stunning!

Finally ,
Tomatillos, these are from seeds I received from a trade. They are from a wild tomatillo plant and are the green type. I killed all my seedlings except one last year and got no fruit as tomatillos need a pollinator. So I am hoping I do better this year as they make for fabulous Salsa Verde!

There are some other things in my garden as well, but the above are the ones I like to talk about the most...I am a sucker for tomatoes after all !! I might show you my garlic when the time comes, but you will have to be good LOL!!

Now here's to crossing my fingers until I am sure that what was transplanted out survives.

More to come as the garden grows....

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