Jun 29, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

Here are some of my luscious, juicy, sun-ripened Black Raspberries.
I wish I had enough to share with everyone, as this is what Summer is all about.

Picking these from my small Raspberry Bramble out in the noon sun, with my son by my side,took me right back to my childhood and brought back fond memories of picking wild blackberries at the end of our street with my Granma.
Oh those long hot days of purple stained faces and fingers. The scratches that I never even felt, acquired while reaching in for those big, black,sweet beauties that always seemed to grow in the middle of the jungle of canes...well not felt until much later in the day.... . Oh...and the jelly that my Granma would make with whatever we didn't manage to eat ....Mmmmmmm what a sweet memory...Ahhhh Summer.

1 comment:

The Well Read Gardener said...

Beautiful! Wish I was there to steal some!