Jun 3, 2008

So The Harvest Begins!!

It's not much of a haul. Truth be told it's not the first, as micro greens and herbs beat them out by a few weeks. However it does feel like the first real harvest of the season, and these are my first ever Gorgeous Garlic Scapes. If you don't already grow these, you should. They are remarkably simple to grow. Start your garlic patch in September or October. First get a few heads of garlic that hasn't been treated...preferably from a good friend who grows a variety suitable for your area...or your local Farmers Market. If you want scapes , you have to grow hardneck types, as garlic comes in many varieties, but of those varieties there will be both hardneck and softneck...a little more on that.
Once you have your bulbs, choose a sunny spot in your veggie garden that has good drainage , poke holes into the soil about 2 inches deep, break apart the bulb into the individual cloves and then plant the largest and nicest of the cloves. If you got your garlic from a friend or from the farmers market as opposed to a seed catalogue, you can use the tiny cloves for cooking as they aren't the best ones to use when starting garlic, if you got them from a seed catalogue plant them anyways , but expect less from them :). Water them in ...and wait til late Spring for the scapes, and mid to late July for the actual garlic...and now not only do you have your garlic, but if you planted a few too many to eat, you have your starting cloves for the following season . Once my Garlic is up out of the ground we will talk more about methods of preparing the bulbs for storage.

My Garlic Scapes

Now let's hope that the 34 plants I have growing are doing as fabulously under the ground as they are above.....Only time will tell.

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Rob said...

so how do you cook with scapes? Raw, steamed, lightly sweated? How do they taste? They look magnificent!