Jul 6, 2008

Going Green...a little bit at a time...

Well yesterday you got to see the dark underbelly of my garden.....
AKA- My Compost Pile !!!

Today I would like to show you my tiny effort in being responsible for my life here.
My Rain Barrel.

I know, I know...there are many Rain Barrels a sight prettier than this one. But in my eyes, he is a beaut! What was once a poor decision for a garbage can....(hubby didn't realise we have a size restriction, and once you write on 'em in Permanent marker the stores don't take 'em back)....is now my wonderful water saver!!

I am now hoping to find a mate for this guy to put in my front yard....hopefully a real barrel from the winery in the next town over. I mean, heck, it couldn't hurt to ask if they are going to be discarding any.... crossing my fingers, but not holding my breath.

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