Jul 27, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday

Oh, the lovely surprises that the Compost Pile puts forth. This guy was just discovered this week, there was a bunch of debris to the side of my compost pile, and my hubby noticed something tomato-like poking out. Lo and behold....a beautiful rogue tomato plant. He may be a tad bit behind his brethren, but if it comes down to it, I will be making pickled green tomatoes come late Autumn. it wont bother me any since the cucumbers aren't doing so well in the spot I chose for them this season.


Grace Olsson said...


I like so much to read your blog. And your news about flowers, vegetables, etc. At the moment I live in an apartment in Sweden but in 3 weeks me and my family will move to a big house...with a beautifukl garden. But I dont know if u know but here we dont have a long summer,...UOL.
take care and have a nice day.
If u want, u can read my website using translate.

Donna said...

Thanks for the nice comment about my Blog! I am glad you are enjoying it :)

And congratulations on your new house and garden. I am sure you will enjoy having more gardening room.

I popped by one of your sites, and I think your photos are amazing!!

Thanks for stopping by !