Jul 28, 2008

The Mystery Squash

I was so inspired by some blogs featuring Giant Pumpkins last year, that I had decided this year to try and grow my own Jack-o-lantern. Not a Giant one mind you, as that is a bit too ambitious for my tastes, but a nice pumpkin-y sized pumpkin.

Well, I did plant the seeds....twice.

And the seeds they did finally emerge from the soil.

However the vines from those seeds are pretty pathetic.

The vines from my Mystery Compost Curcurbit are absolutely gorgeous though! Plus, in the past few days we have been watching a tiny female blob take shape.

July 25th 2008

Wonders never cease it seems, because as of this morning, I am pretty sure she is a Pumpkin ...woooohoooo....and I am also pretty sure she was pollinated sometime in the wee morning hours this morning!!

July 28th 2008

So it looks like we will be following in the footsteps of many of my favorite bloggers and charting my pumpkin Progress from now until October , when if all goes well I will have my own glorious Pumpkin to enjoy during my favorite holiday time of year.So let's all keep our fingers crossed for this little gal.

More pictures to come as the days pass.

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