Aug 13, 2008

Home Invasion

I was sitting in my living room this afternoon, just minding my own business...maybe even dozing off a bit...when I hear this odd plinking sound coming from my kitchen. I got up , thinking maybe my husband had come in from work and was doing something weird in the sink. I go to the door and look to see if his car is home. Nope, he was not home yet. I slowly creep into the kitchen, leary of the eerie and oddsound emananting from within ....and HOLY CRAP....there is a squirrel, biting his way thru my window screen. Blatantly trying to get into my house, and at the bread I had cooling on the counter. I immediately yelp and yell 'no way' ...there is no way I am having this!! So with the bread relocated to a less tempting area, I call my son into the room and ask him to look for something to patch the screen with. I go out into the hall to the front door so I can look up the street to see if hubby is coming yet. Since I don't see hubby anywhere up the street , I go back into the kitchen to assess the damage, and what do I find...that dang squirrel is halfway thru the now riped screen, and into my kitchen!!! This time I not only yelp, but I flail my self around at the offender, threatening extermination.....but of course my dearest daughter takes umbrage to the idea of me killing her squirrel. Knowing, of course, that this could be the same deaf squirrel we have been coddling all Summer(and it turns out,to which hubby has been feeding Pringles), and she loves dearly. I say, lovey squirrel or not, I will not have squirrels traipsing into my kitchen whenever the mood strikes them. Still invader squirrel lives on, and screen is in need of repair.

Besides I dont think it was our deaf squirrel....he heard me yelping, I just know it.

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Rosemary said...

Oh my got quite a chuckle from your squirrel invasion.