Aug 13, 2008

I Haven't Forgotten the Tomatoes

I know I am usually gushing on and on about my tomatoes. I also know that once upon a time this blog was primarily about those luscious love apples. This year though, the tomatoes are having a slow go of it(maybe because they are putting their effort into size rather than quantity it seems), so my primary focus has been to enjoy each of the veggies as they present themselves to me. So far the ones to do that in any type of abundance would be the zucchini and the edamame. Oh that is not to say that I haven't been enjoying my tomatoes, because I have. Just not in the over flowing piles of tomatoes way that most Summers present.

So , no worries, in another month I will have compiled my tasty tomato facts for this season and I promise to share it all with you!!

Leaving you with a hint of this Summer's Bounty

Pictured Clockwise from top: Aunt Ruby's German Green, Better Boy, Cherokee Purple, Mr. Stripey.

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