Aug 8, 2008

The Pumpkin Saga

I have been feeling a tad bit guilty here as I haven't updated my pumpkin pictures in a week. Then just when I thought I couldnt feel any worse about neglecting my little pumpkpin gal, Mother Nature decides to teach me a lesson. Last night we had a ginormous storm complete with marble sized hail....I havent seen hail since I was a kid!!!
So needless to say, I was a nervous wreck regarding my many fruit and veggie plants. During the height of the storm when the weather center was warning us of possible tornados, I was at the window closest to my tomatoes swearing out loud that if need be I would go out there and protect them with my body ....of course I know better, but anyone who has watched their beloved 'maters bending in the wind knows my pain.

So here are last weeks pumpkin shots. I dont have anything next to them for size comparison as they are fenced in now(for safety reasons).

In this shot , she is around baseball sized ^

Here you can see how the pumpkin is dangling in the bushes.

Now it is around softball sized.

I know that it is even bigger today, and if dinner(pizza) hadnt just arrived I would be posting more, but got to run ....More pumpkin coming soon!!!


Martha/All the Dirt said...

I'm positively green with envy.

The squash borers have voracious appetites and kill every pumpkin I plant.

I thought I would fool them by planting some gourds in pots for an August transplanting after they are too big to be vulnerable. The borers entered one of the potted gourd vines.

How do you keep the buggers off of your beautiful plants?

Donna said...

I am so sorry that the borers are killing your pumpkins. I wish I had some sage advice to give you, but honestly, this is the first year I have had any success with pumpkins at all. I didnt even plant this guy, it was a volunteer in my compiost pile that just happened to survive and prosper...well not quite prosper as there is only the one fruit. I am still thrilled with that one, but paranoid as all out that somethinmg is going to happen .

I wish you good luck with your future pumpkins. :)